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Today I am introducing you to the Greek Goddess of the Moon, Selene. She was born as the daughter of the Titans, Hyperion and Theia. As such, She is thought to be sister to the Sun God, Helios, and also sister to Eos, Goddess of the Dawn. She is said to drive her chariot across the sky from east to west, illuminating the night sky with her beauty. She is known as the Moon Mother, one of the triple Goddesses along with Artemis as the adolescent Goddess of fertility, and Hekate as the crone Goddess who is said to be the Queen of Wisdom and Goddess of the Underworld. She is also known as Luna in the Roman pantheon. With raven hair and alabaster skin, she was a mysterious and beautiful Goddess, but infrequently worshipped as a solo deity.

While she generally is seen as a mateless Goddess, forsaking love for magick, she did fall in love with Zeus for a brief time and conceived the Goddess Pandia (All-Brightness), and also Ersa, whose name means ‘dew’. She was also rumored to have married and mated with her brother Helios (the Sun and the Moon), giving birth to the Horae, the four Goddesses of the Seasons: Eiar (Spring), Theros (Summer), Phthinoporon (Autumn), and Cheimon (Winter). She is often depicted with a crescent moon as a crown; she is also seen depicted with horns on either side that resemble the Moon, or with a crescent moon behind her head, giving the illusion of horns to the Goddess. Selene is said to have pined over love for Endymion, who rested in an eternal sleep at Her feet. Therefore she is known to bless lovers who pray to her and have given her proper honor and respect.

The Goddess Selene is often pictured driving her chariot across the sky as her crown of silver casts the eerie glow of moonlight for all to see. Her chariot said to be was drawn by two horses, while her brother’s chariot always had four. The chariot was also rumored to have been drawn by a team of oxen or mules, or, on occasion, rams. She is also known to have slept the dreamless sleep, allowing for her absence 3 days of each lunar cycle. She and her brother, Helios, were often depicted together as is the case where they are shone framing the birth of the Goddess, Aphrodite. Helios was depicted rising from the sea on the left of the relief and heading toward the peak of the day, while Selene was depicted riding away toward the sea on the right, into which she sank each dawn, only to rise again the following evening. This imagery was used in the depiction of the birth of Pandora as well.

Mirrors are said to be a tool of Selene (the Moon) and in modern times, Selenium, the element used in making glass as well as pigments in photo cells, is named after Her. This connects Her to the art of scrying, accomplished by looking into a mirror typically made of black glass. In small amounts, selenium is also found in dietary supplements and infant formula as it is needed by all creatures and plants in order to live. In large doses, it is highly toxic and may be linked to the idea of the ‘dreamless sleep’ in which her lover was trapped for eternity. She was also written much about by Homer in his works and it is written that he would do things on ‘lucky days’ based on her position in the sky. It was said you could read the weather by her appearance as well. Moonstone is sacred to Selene as are cattle, particularly those born white in color.

During this full moon cycle, Her cold, clear face should be apparent to all who seek her. She will be in Her fullness from December 1st – 3rd and will be helping you with Release at this time of the year. May the Goddess Selene bless you as you await your rebirth along with that of her brother, Helios, after the long night!