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Saturn, also known as Saturnus, is one of the Gods that is honored at this time of year . Much worshiped prior to the 3rd century BCE and beyond, this Roman God give us the name of our sixth planet and our sixth day of the week. Around since the time of the Titans, He was worshipped as the God of agriculture and wealth, the seasons, the cycle of decay and renewal, and the passage of time. Even before Rome was built, a temple to Saturn was located at the base of a hill in Capitoline where all of the wealth of the treasury was stored for safe keeping. It is also believed that He taught mankind how to grow grapes and other crops to sustain themselves.

Saturn was said to have had two consort. The first is the Goddess, Lua, to whom the weapons of the defeated were gifted, and the second was Ops, the Goddess of Agriculture. He is also known as the father of Jupiter. Ovid, the famous writer and philosopher, described a Golden Age of Man under the rule of Saturn during which humans would be able to live in comfort and ease without working too hard, and they would live together as equals. In this way, Saturn can be seen ushering in the New Age, and asking us to ascend to this reality.

Dressed in a robe and veil, and carrying a sickle, He is also seen as the Father of Truth. Sometimes he appears lame or disabled, limping along on crutches or a cane. In the temple of Saturn, his feet were bound except during the Saturnalia, a celebration dedicated to him that occurred beginning on December 17th and lasting 1-5 days. The lameness, or bound feet, signify that we are bound by our earthly ties and need to break free in order to gain wisdom and transformation. During this time of the year, He is honored as the reaper and the bringer of new life.

During this season of celebration, may Saturn bless you with bounty and renewal!