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Thought for Tomorrow

Thought for Tomorrow

Anytime we make changes in our lives there is a learning curve. Sometimes these lessons involve mechanics such as me learning to edit this website to post all the info I have to share with you on our journey. This is a relatively easy curve, one that I will have accomplished by the end of the week.

Other times, however, the lessons that we need to learn to grow are not quite so easy. We are, by nature, pretty determined to stay in the comfort of our past rather than assume new and challenging patterns of thought and behavior. But, as is true to all things in the Universe, only side of a coin can be seen at a time. In the space occupied by happiness, sadness cannot exist; where there is joy, no sorrow; pleasure, no pain. This is a Universal Truth.

If you find that you are stuck on one side of the coin, try flipping it over. The view will be new, uncomfortable at first, it if you embrace the opportunity for growth, you picture will change like the scenery out of a car window. Unless you are sitting at a red light, or worse yet, broken down, your journey will progress and your view will change.

May tomorrow bring change that moves you further along your path to enlightenment!