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The Witch

The Witch

“Of all the treasured tools that are used within the Craft, you are the most magickal tool of all. It is your intentions and energies that determine the results of any magickal work. Many Witches never use any other tool but their own personal energies. And some of the most powerful workings can be done without ever leaving your armchair. It is the focus, concentration, intentions and desires that reside within YOU that are the real ‘tools” of the Witch.”*

Over the years I have participated in many forms of magick. Some were highly ceremonial and involved the use of many fancy and expensive altar tools and ritual attire. Other times this magick was performed without any tools at all save the body, heart, mind, and spirit. Owning fancy altar items and gorgeous ritual garb is a lofty goal, but for many, not easy or practical due to financial constraints or simple availability. By embracing ourselves as the most important tool in our box, we free ourselves from any imaginary restrictions, and allow ourselves to go with the flow of the natural energies that have been bestowed upon us by the Gods. If you feel you must have physical tools to aid you in focus or concentration, look for gifts of nature that can be used as magickal tools or pick up candles, incense, and other items at the Dollar store or any local supermarket. These can be easily blessed and consecrated for your magickal needs.

Align your intentions and desires in a very raw and truthful way to the energies of the elementals, ascended masters, angels, spirit guides, and Gods/Goddesses.  This will make your path glow forth in the darkness with the light of Divinity and is FREE and NATURAL! After all, freedom and a connection with Nature are two of the core reasons why we practice magick in the first place. so get out there and embrace your inherent gift, allowing the powers of your inner magick to create and enhance your outer world. You are the most powerful tool of magick there is!


*this information was provided in part by Wren of