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The Cauldron

The Cauldron

Since the best place to start any endeavor is by establishing a good base, let’s begin with a tool of Earth. The Cauldron represents the womb of the Goddess from which all life springs and the tomb that all life ends in at the end of corporeal existence. It is also a symbol of rebirth as reincarnation is one of the many beliefs that most Pagans hold true. Known for bestowing well-being to those who dine from a cauldron, it is also a symbol of abundance. Using a cauldron can imbue the contents or its user with Earthly energy and add a boost to any magick that is based in Earth magick.

Cauldrons come in many shapes and sizes. The smaller ones make great incense burners; place a self-lighting charcoal in the bottom, then pour on herbs, powdered incense, or resins and allow the smoke to rise. Some level of caution should be exercised in the amount of incense added to the charcoal; to much will fill your house (room) with smoke in a heartbeat! Start off small and add more as needed. The larger ones can actually be used as cooking pots; if you are at a festival or outdoor event, try making soup or stew, or muddled cider, in one that can be shared with the group. This imbues all of you with the energies of this magickal tool while bonding you as a magickal community. Breaking ‘bread’ or drinking from the same vessel are both powerful ways to build relationships and encourage communication.

A decent small cauldron can be obtained online or through your local occult store. Might I suggest Baba Yaga’s Hut? If you seek a larger version to use for cooking, try your local Field and Stream. They usually offer a good cast iron one in their camping department. They can also be found online. Be sure to shop around and get one that has good reviews!

Next time you stir your cauldron, have some fun! Chant the old lines from Shakespeare’s MacBeth:

“Double, Double, Toil and Trouble, Fire burn and Cauldron Bubble!”

In this work, the Wyrd Sisters, a group of malevolent witches, works to conjur up a potion of ill intent. If you are a Shakespeare fan, these sisters have a duplicitous meaning (Double) that I found intriguing. You can check it out online for more information.

May you be filled to overflowing from the Bottomless Cauldron of the Great Mother! Blessed Be!