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Our Community!

Our Community!

To the Community of Baba Yaga’s Hut!

I am saddened to announce that our vision for growing in this beautiful venue has come to an abrupt end! We were informed shortly after the open house that this building was zoned as a ‘Light Industrial’ business and that all the members of the Southern Ohio Holistic and Wellness Center were in violation of the zoning regulations by operating at this facility. This came as quite a shock to all concerned, especially the partners in the Center who had been operating here for two years prior to my arrival. In fact, they were only 2 years into a 5 yr. lease that specified retail as one of he many services they would be offering through this building. They immediately sent us a ‘Cease and Desist’ letter, giving us until February 8, 2018, to halt all related business activities. This, we thought, at least gave us some time to try and locate a new place, moving after the rush of the holidays were over.

On Saturday, 12/17, we received notice from the owner of the building, who is now involved in pending litigation over this matter, that we are being evicted from the building and that we have 3 days in which to make appropriate arrangements! The final date for occupancy will actually be this Friday, 12/23, when I move the last of my things out of the building to a booth at Trader’s World, continuing the retail side of the business there while I look for another venue that I can financially afford. And, while the partners in the Center are looking for a new space, this may turn out to be the ‘end’ of a relationship that barely had a chance to get started. This has caused a load of pain for each of the wonderful people who inhabit this Center, none of which was my intent when I landed here. But it was the signage for the ‘Open House’ that put them, and me, on the radar. Litigating this matter could take some time, and unfortunately, we can’t wait for matters to be settled before we make our next move.

Having shared that, I also want to say that the building of community has been an integral part of my mission here! The prophetic dreams (you probably have heard me talk about them) told me to start a community here and, much like ‘A Field of Dreams’, when I built it, you began to come. This has been magickal in so many ways; the faith that I have had in the dreams hasn’t died, but it has taken on a life of its own that must now be fed and nurtured if it is to continue to grow. Therefore, I am happy to announce that I have potentially located another spot in which to gather and honor the Divine; I hope to announce the next exciting location for our sacred gatherings by the end of the week. Meanwhile, please come out for Yule this Wednesday evening from 5-7pm. It will be our last chance to gather in this space before the move is complete and I am beyond thrilled to greet you once more before the SH*T hits the fan.

Have faith, brothers and sisters, this is but a stepping stone in the path to our community building and I will not let it deter me from accomplishing my goals! I am Goddess, after all, and nothing can stand in my way!!! Bright Blessings for the coming year and I hope to see you soon!