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The Magic of Flags, Blowing Intentions in the Wind

The Magic of Flags, Blowing Intentions in the Wind

Flags have been used to represent all kinds of ideas through the ages, they have represented who we are, our claims on property, unity of a group of people, sending messages, and even prayers on the wind.  The first flags were used for military purposes to help troops coordinate and later on ships used them to send messages about the ships alliances and other information.  National flags provide a symbol for people to rally behind and a point of pride for the people. Many flags were created to represent religions. Flags provide inspiration as the element of air blows over them making them dance with their message in the wind.

Tibetan Prayer Flags are colorful flags strung together or hung as long banners, with Indian Sutras printed on them.  The colors represent the elements because the achievement of health and harmony are the result of finding balance between the elements.  Symbols for transforming bad fortune into good fortune, Buddhist teachings and Mantras of the great Buddhist Bodhisattvas are among the symbolism included on these prayer flags. Mantras and prayers for the good fortune, health and longevity of the person who hangs the flags are often included as well.  These colorful flags can be seen all over India, it is believed that the prayers and mantras are blown on the wind to fill the area with uplifting positive energy. 

In home and garden centers everywhere we see garden flags meant to be hung outdoors as decor and often convey positive messages in addition to beautiful images. When hung with blessing intentions, these flags can also be used to bring positive energy into your area and positive vibes to your home, garden, and family.  The idea is that flags are very sensitive to the slightest movement of wind (just try taking a good photo of one LOL) as wind passes over the images and messages on the flags the air becomes blessed and empowered by the images and words and those blessings fill the immediate area and ripple out into the world.

Today, may you take the time to say a few blessings when you see the Stars and Bars. Think about the many people who will see this as a symbol of freedom and send intentions that secure that freedom, and to continue to pray for a country where we can express, celebrate, do and be exactly what we are, each one children of the Gods and Goddesses and capable of Magick beyond our imagination! Blessings to you on this special day!!!

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