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Jumpstart Your Power!

Jumpstart Your Power!

Just as the adherents of any faith, Pagans are often challenged by the routine of worship. Leaning toward the outside of the norm, most were tired of the routine that their former religion had established, skipping church or study to sleep in or play hooky. So why would we want to follow a regimen of worship when we just gave one up?

Well, it’s a bit like driving a car. When you are in gear, you have the choice to go or stop, make course corrections and speed up or slow down as needed. When you put the car in neutral, you will continue down the road for as long as inertia allows; after that, you will just be revving your motor without really going anywhere. Things in life can become hectic! We often lose our connection to Magick and worship because we feel too busy to make the time for ‘extra’ activities. Our mundane lives can be quickly filled with work, school, soccer practice, paying bills, attending to our friendships and love relationships, and we forget to prioritize our spiritual lives. Thus we lose track of moon phases and sabbats, letting them go by with a thought but no action on our parts until they are as unimportant as the religion that we left behind to begin with.

For even the most avid worshippers, crises can occur that take precedent over all other things in our lives. Natural disasters, death of a loved one, and other crises occur on an all-too-frequent basis. But what we forget is that, in these moments, we need our connection to the Divine all the more! Reaching out to the Elements and the Divine for intercession or just peace of mind can make all the difference as we face these tough times. Sometimes, we find that our current group or coven just isn’t vining for us anymore or that we have allowed someone in that is not a benefit to the group at all. If this is the case, and you have become a solo practitioner, there is still a need to go about the steps of ceremony, even if only for yourself. It is this symbolic practice that opens the subconscious to things not seen on the surface, to messages from beyond, and to insight that only comes from time spent in reflection and thankfulness.

If you find that you have slipped away from ritual, set time aside to reconnect with your inner Divine self. Some ways that you can do this are:

*Look up Gods/Goddesses online and read about them.
Spend more time in/with Nature appreciating its beauty and serenity.
*Challenge yourself to grow – celebrate your current stage of knowledge and allow yourself to ask new questions/find new inspiration.
*Visit a Pagan festival or gathering.
*Read a new book on Paganism or Alternative Spirituality (the whole thing).
*Attend a Ritual or Ceremony (groups often post their events ahead of time; check your local alternative newspaper or look online or on Facebook for events near you).
*Join or Create a Spiritual Community (online or in person).

Tapping into Source can easily become something that we only do when we are in a jam! Remember, when this is the only time we allow that connection to occur, we are robbing yourself out of a chance to experience the uplifting and beautiful spirals that happen when things are going right!

When you have re-established your spiritual connection, develop a routine that suits you and stick with it. Identify those dates or holidays that you feel most connected to and then mark them on your calendar. This way you develop a chain of accountability to yourself that says,

‘Worship is an important part of my life.’

You will probably find that your life is less hectic, more fulfilling, and less fraught with trouble when you make time to be in the Presence of the Divine Spirit!