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The How’s, Where’s, When’s, and Why’s

The How’s, Where’s, When’s, and Why’s

Many initiates have asked where (and how) to get Magickal tools for spells over the years, so today I am posting general guidelines about magickal tools: the how, where, when, and why of them. Hopefully you find this information helpful in your spiritual practice.

First off, it’s important for you to understand that you do not have to find a “secret Magickal shop” to get tools from in order for them to be effective in your spells. Your tools can come from anywhere…you can even make them… for free. No matter where you get your tools (if you choose to use them), they should “speak to you” loud and clear. When you pick a tool up, it should “feel” right…as if it was meant for you. Listen to your inner self, and choose only the tools that resonate with you. You’ll know when you find them, and you’ll learn to recognize this feeling.

This goes for tools your purchase, and tools you find out in nature…or anywhere else. You can use sticks…shells…stones… cooking pots for a cauldron… a butter knife as an athame… etc. This is one of the amazing facts about Magickal Tools. They really can come from anywhere. In my experience, some of the most effective tools are found outside in nature. Still other ones I make myself. Make sure to open your senses and your tools will find you. Whether you are walking along the beach, through your backyard, or through a store, you will her their energy calling to you.

Never forget that wherever your tools come from, you must give them a thorough cleansing and consecration befure use. Both natural objects, and man made tools can have negative energy that can reduce the effectiveness of your spells…so you must cleanse and consecrate each one. Once you have cleansed and consecrated a tool it is 100% yours..and it is charged with your energy.

So you see…you don’t need to spend lots of money to have a nice selection of powerful Magick tools. In the end, the Magick comes from you… not your tools. But if you are looking for some great items for your altars or spells, or more information about the various magickal tools and their uses, come in to Baba Yaga’s Hut and have a look around. We will be happy to work with you to find what you truly need to enhance your magickal practice.


*this information provided in part by Rose Ariadne’s ‘Simple Mystic Miracles’ online blog.