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Full Moon Friday through Sunday!

Full Moon – Friday through Sunday!

Instead of some reflection on the day, I felt a little creative this evening. Therefore I offer a poem by yours truly in celebration of the Full Moon! Have a blessed Saturday!

She Is…

She is!

She is the waxing, the Maiden

She is the innocence and the beginning.

She is a sliver in the night.

She shines on us her heavenly light.

She peeks at us from on high

Her shyness leaving day by day

Until at last, She is whole,

Full of courage, full of promise.

She is!

She is Full, the Great and Awesome Mother,

Her belly is ripe with possibility

Her arms reach out to welcome us

As we become Her children.

She holds the mysteries and the secrets.

She shows us the path less traveled

Until at last, She speaks to us in dreams

And visions of a world filled with hope.

She is!

She is waning, growing weary as She descends

Into the realm of the dead, and back again.

But to us, She shall return.

The Underworld is Hers to rule

Until at last, She will ascend

Back to the beginning, again and again.

The never ending, the eternal,

Hail Goddess!