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Two of Water

Two of Water

Today’s card is the Two of Water (Cups), also known as Love. In the Shapeshifter Tarot, as in other traditional decks, the Element of Water represents the emotions and matters of the heart, love in all its forms, friendship and compassion, gentle healing, and all matters concerning blood, the circulatory system, and menstrual flow. Water also represents bodies of water, all underwater creatures and amphibious creatures, ships and travel by sea, beaches, seashells, and seaweed. It comes sometimes in waves and storms, crashing into us with force and overwhelming us if we let it. It is also where the Moon resides, whose power affects the tidal flow of the Earth itself.

The keywords for this card are Love, Harmony, and Kindred Souls. In the background we clearly see a golden lion merged with the sun itself; it dominates the sky and represents spiritual power, strength, and courage, all necessary ingredients to make change and creating desirable outcomes. As it merges with the ocean below, we see our shapeshifter changing into a dolphin/man; this symbolizes the active seed-form of the creative process and matrix. In order for the initiate, or seeker, to be able to accomplish this ‘creating’, they must fully understand how to correctly combine spiritual power (the Sun) with the creative abyss of the womb of the goddess (the Ocean). By releasing negative energy back to Source, we set the stage to freely create with positive emotions at the forefront of our process. This dolphin/man leaps for joy, knowing that he has moved into a time of balance between the spiritual and the physical where all things are possible. The harsh cliffs are seen in the background of the situation, marking an end to a time of trials. Birds from spirit rise into the air, bringing messages from deities. the wings of enlightenment and spiritual thought are seen repeated in th fins of the dolphin playing here. Being at one with the Goddess and God fills this seeker with joy and blessed harmony.

This card tells us that a time of balance and harmony are upon us after much hard work and difficulty. You are at peace with yourself and others; subconsciously you are preparing for the positive changes that will come into your life. If you have been wishing for a friend or companion to share you happiness with, a kindred soul should be revealed to you within the next two weeks.

May you find a kindred soul to share your joy with and may this time of harmony be filled with love!