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Two of Fire

Two of Fire

Today’s card is the Two of Fire (Swords), also known as Blindness. In a more traditional tarot deck this card would be known as the Two of Wands. However, in the Shapeshifter deck, the element of Fire is represented by Swords while the element of Air is represented by Wands. Fire represents the Spirit as the fourth phase of our spiritual journey; it empowers creation, passion, and sexual desire, strength, courage, and power, purging and purity, forging and manipulation, the AHA moment and the changing of one thing into another.

In the dim light of this scene, a large adder can be seen as he speeds toward his prey, a man/mole that is in the throws of shifting. The mole is a creature who lives both above and below the ground; he represents our ties to the Earth. This shapeshifter screams in vain for the woman who is seen in the background, part of the mysterious pool of emotion that we all experience. His agony is evident by the contorted visage we see reflected here; this is caused by his self-imposed blindness and level of mental awareness. Locked to the Earth by the tree roots and the stones beneath him, his missed opportunities lie around him in the form of stones and pebbles. The roots of the gnarled oak tree represent the World Tree, fed from the murky waters of the pool in the background. The tree roots, the woman’s hair, and the snake all weave together in a serpentine pattern; this symbolizes the percent lines of energy that cross the Earth and the Oneness of all things. This serpent represents the Great Mother Goddess and the polarities of life, death, and rebirth; it is also an ancient symbol of healing.

A choice will be facing you soon, most likely in two days, weeks, or months. You must decide between two conflicting elements or issues that will become clear. Blindness is a card of anxiety, indecision, impotence, and stalemate that lies just below the level of spiritual awakening; that a twilight between darkness and light. Work on conquering your fear s that limit your experiences and expand your awareness to conquer this personal level of blindness. With increased sensitive toward the balance of the natural forces in life and its cycles, you might just build one skill as a way of compensating for lack of experience or talent in another in both your relationships and your career. Don’t be blind to your options or close your eyes to a creative part of yourself. The ultimate cost of denying these inner visions, deeper feelings, and outer expressions is a life of self-limiting and restrictions. Like a snake shedding its old skin, now is the time for you to shed old barriers and beliefs so you can find yourself on a new path.

May you slither free of your mental and emotional bonds, and free yourself to embrace the fire within!