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Two of Earth

Two of Earth

Today’s card is the Two of Earth (Pentacles), also known as Change. This Element is the base of the Minor Arcana and rules over home, hearth, and family, job, finance, and prosperity, and physical health and well being, birth, death, and rebirth. In working our way through the lessons of the tarot, we discover that the human journey starts in this Element as we learn to feed and clothe ourselves, care for ourselves through continence and hygiene, and to communicate our needs to others by relating love, pain, fear, and joy. While all other Elements are at play in this process, our journey must be based on solid footing, on roots firmly placed in the Mother, if we are to grow and be healthy.

The keywords for this card are Polarity, Opportunity, Expansion, and Movement. In this scene, a family of shapeshifters can be seen; the father (man) merges with the elements of nature on one side of the stream and the mother and daughter on the left bear flowers in their hair. Symbolic of regeneration and the cycles of life, a massive oak tree sits in prominence behind our shifters, its roots are flowing and weaving through the rocks lining the water. BlueJays sit in the tree’s big branches, representing the ability to use our energies to create deeds or misdeeds to our will and liking. Large gray squirrels busily harvest the acorns, signifying fertility and the threefold, from the tree. The acorn is a magickal single-seeded nut housed within a wooden cup; this ability from such a tiny seed is where the saying, ‘from tiny acorns, mighty oaks grow’ comes from. The ancient celts ate acorns in preparation for prophesying. The squirrels dance and scurry over the branches of the oak, symbolizing the connectedness of all things. Clematis flowers, representing the potential for growth, are seen winging down from the tree and cascading into the water.

The Change card reminds us that the only constant in life is change! If you interact with the harmoniously with the elements, these changes will expand your awareness and magickal ability. Change brings opportunity and positive associations with it IF THEY ARE ACTED ON IN A TIMELY FASHION! Counter-change polarities are at work so now is the time to learn agility in handling multiple situations at once. This card can also indicate travel, taking a trip to a new place, or becoming aware of the Truth of simultaneous lifetimes.

May you focus on harmony at this time and the Change you are welcoming will be swift!