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Two of Air

Two of Air

Today’s card is the Two of Air (Wands), also known as Fortune. In a more traditional tarot deck, the suit of Wands is used to represent the Element of Fire. However, in the Shapeshifter deck, its creators have chosen to use this suit to represent the Element of Air. Air controls matters of the mind, the intellect, learning and analytical thinking, mental health and the psyche. It also rules over dreams, third sight, psychic abilities and astral travel.

The keywords for this card are Boldness, Opportunity, and Influence. On this gorgeous card we see a green-gold dragon as he sits beside an apple tree, ancient symbol of the Tree of Life. His wide spread wings have long been a symbol of protection and the use of spirituality to transform one’s life. The dragon uses is powerful knowledge of elemental magick and concentration to control luck and prosperity, seen here in the form of bees. He clutches them in his claw with no sign of fear, and gently maneuvers his magickal energy into desired paths leading to specific results.

The apple tree has many red apples, emblems of renewal ready to be plucked from the burgeoning tree. White roses, a symbol of the Goddess, carpet the ground, representing achievement and perfection. By connecting with Goddess energy and wisdom, the seeker can bring him or herself into tune with this powerful form of energy, merging it into their persona, thus realizing their goals or desires. Although as humans we’re not perfect, we can safely undergo renewal (picking the apples) if we first seek Oneness with the Goddess and an understanding of the balance in all things. Without this connection we. cannot achieve spiritual balance; this is necessary before we can control and renew our lives and the events that shape them.

This card signals opportunity for growth and abundance Be courageous and step out into your own. This is a time of balance and control which will enable you to turn negative situations into positive ones. Influences are coming from unexpected people and places, removing barriers that you have been fighting for some time. Self confidence will open doors so be bold; change your situations and good things will be attracted to you.

May your opportunity for boldness and good Fortune bless your life today in many ways!