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Two-fer! Three and Nine of Pentacles

Two-fer! Three and Nine of Pentacles

This Tarot for the Day is a two-fer! Due to the rain and muck, I opted not to get the laptop out of the truck. Usually when this gap occurs there is a deeper reason and in this case, these two cards go exceptionally well together. Both are from the Pentacle suit, most often named Coins or Disks, is a symbol for a magical talisman that represented wealth or potential. This suit represents something supportive that is available to you — whether it be health, some kind of talent, a material or financial resource. 

The Three of Pentacles was the card for yesterday and is traditionally the card of genius. Here we usually see a master craftsman conferring with his masons on the installation of a beautiful stained-glass window in the cathedral. This designer is often likened to Leonardo da Vinci or Michelangelo, a multi-talented visionary who has no peers in talent or productivity. The masterwork is being proudly showcased for future generations, as an object of personal and collective pride. 

On some cards, the genius is portrayed at his studio, alone and burning the midnight oil, in a creative ferment – driven to draw, paint, invent, or whatever work genius wants to bring into creation. As a subtext to the rewards of genius are the days and weeks of intense concentration it takes to solve the problems that great works entail.

This card tells us to let the world see our skills and talents. The Three of Coins suggests that you showcase your unique capabilities. Let the world in on who you really are. This is a good time to seek recognition. Once you receive the appreciation you deserve, accept and savor the acknowledgment. Expect new and exciting offers. When they arrive, accept them graciously. It does not become you to display false modesty. Practice saying to yourself, “Thank you, I accept the compliment” until you learn to fully let in this kind of affirmative grace with ease.

The Nine of Pentacles is the card for today and points to a person who is financially secure enough to live comfortably. This is about someone supported by her own business, inheritance or property. This is one person in a thousand. This fortunate individual has turned a historical accident into a personal opportunity. This is one who has the vision and strength of character to hold onto gains against all odds. Do not be fooled at the apparent ease displayed on this card – the person pictured is at the tail end of a long and stressful process of winning the right to be taken seriously. All of this grace has been paid for several times over.

Realize you are free to create a secure, enduring, and satisfying lifestyle for yourself. Look for ways to share it with those who have helped you along the way. The Nine of Coins suggests that you prepare yourself for greater resources to be flowing in your direction. If you pay attention, and keep the faith, you can make a smooth transition into a state of well being and peace of mind. Hard work has brought you to a place where you could earn and receive grace, comfort, and freedom, whether that be personal, emotional or financial. Exercise your imagination and create an abundant, sustainable, and enjoyable lifestyle (or relationship) for yourself. Acknowledge the friends and others who were loyal to you during the difficult times. Gather your dreams and get ready. You deserve this happiness.

When paired, these cards are a definite sign that you can embrace an abundant future in your career or business through being yourself. Take advantage of the lessons learned over time as well as the blessings that just ‘fall from the sky’ in order to live our best lives. You are being encouraged to embrace this opportunity to do and be exactly what you know is possible in your heart. Leap now and create your vision!

Today, may you be blessed with all that you have earned! You deserve it!