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Twelve of Water

Twelve of Water

Today’s card is the Twelve of Water, also known as the Warrior of Water (Cups), the Goddess Cerridwen. In a traditional tarot deck, this card would be known as the Knight of Cups; in the modern world, the Knight card can represent a man or woman and, in the case of the Shapeshifter deck, the Warrior card is a symbol of an actual person who comes to your rescue, riding into your life in the nick of time. The element of Water is associated with the emotions and rules over romantic love, friendship, compassion, healing, cleansing, and self-love, and is associated with all bodies of water and the creatures that live within. Like fire, water has the power to give life and to take it, and it is the direction of the Moon which controls the tides of the Earth itself.

The Goddess Cerridwen (Kerridwen) is also known as the White Lady and the Moon Goddess in Celtic lore; the Welsh bards such as Taliesin called themselves Cerrdorion, sons of Cerridwen as it was said that each of them must meet with her in the Otherworld through shapeshifting and astral travel and seek inspiration and power before they could be accepted into the bardic brotherhood. Cerridwen is also known as the Crone aspect of the Triple Goddess, representing death and rebirth but also magickal knowledge, inspiration, and shapeshifting as is represented by the swirling vortex behind this osprey/woman’s head.

Seen here, the Goddess is merging with an osprey, a symbol of clear-sightedness, memories of past lives, messages through dreams, boldness, wisdom, and new life. The black cauldron from which she rises signifies the eternal, creating abyss of the Goddess’ womb; the cauldron itself appears to be sitting or floating on a calm sea of universal possibilities. A white rose, representing spiritual achievement, rests calmly on the water. Stars act as spiritual beacons to guide the initiate or seeker on the journey through the subconscious. They are splashed across the black night sky as well as the rose, cauldron, and sea. This reminds us that the realm between chaos and the cosmos can appear dark and formidable without guidance from the Goddess; this reminds that it’s also the place where time and all creations come into being.

A period of renewal and vast changes are at hand. These changes can move you into a new and better life path if you are paying attention; be alert, listen to your intuition, and have courage. Go directly to the Source for guidance when you feel uncertain or you could find yourself in a state of upheaval. Guidance and inspiration come to you in unexpected ways. Also, watch your dreams closely for they will provide clues to your future.

May you be blessed by a champion of the heart to give you courage on this day and always!