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Twelve of Fire

Twelve of Fire

Today’s card is the Twelve of Fire (Swords), also known as Belenus. In a more traditional tarot deck, this card would be the Knight of Wands. However, in this deck, Swords represents Fire, the Spirit, and rule over creation, sexual passion, and purging. The names ‘Seeker’ and ‘Warrior’ are used instead of the ‘Page’ and ‘Knight’ to represent the lower court cards. The Warriors in particular represent someone who is about to ‘ride into your life and save the day’.

The Warrior, Belenus, is a consort to the Great Goddess and evidence of the Phoenician influence that made its way to Ireland. His name is a derivative of Bel, the Babylonian form of the title ‘Baal’ meaning Lord or Master. As a Solar God, Belenus embodies the creative power of the Sun and acts as the God of life, truth, inspiration, and music. Belenus is celebrated on Beltane when the Balefires re lit; these fires were thought to transfer good luck to the farmers and drive disease away from the fields and herds. The Bel-houses, or Round Towers, were used to preserve the Balefires throughout the land.

This specific Warrior is represented by the keywords Power, Creation, Original Thought, and Creative Drive. Part brown bear, and part man, this radiant shapeshifter wears the colors of the Goddess, red (life), black (death), and white (rebirth). His vest is trimmed with serpent-inspired designs symbolizing the sacred knowledge of renewal. His amber eyes and curling golden hair stands ready with shining sword in his human hand, symbolizing the Fire element, and the bear claw representing the Earth element. The bright sun rises behind him and tall oak, fully leafed, stands next to the shapeshifter, roots weaving into the ground beneath him, providing nourishment and stability.

This card signifies the inspired mind moving at full speed, no longer feeling restricted or restrained in any way. A time of extreme polarity has come, and delving into your deeper self, letting go of limiting thoughts and beliefs, allows us to receive original thoughts and inventions. Creative license and generative powers are at their height when this card appears, blessing any new concepts or ideas that come to you at this time. A younger adult, man or woman is about to enter your life and bring fresh perspectives to your creative process. Listen closely and follow your intuitive spirit!

May you be blessed with creative power and inspiration at this time in your life!