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Twelve of Earth

Twelve of Earth

Today’s card is the Thirteen of Earth (Pentacles), also known as Cernunnos. In a more traditional tarot deck this card would be named the Queen of Pentacles but, in the Shapeshifter tarot, the female court card, known as the Goddess, is placed in the highest position according to Celtic tradition. Earth is the base of the Minor Arcana and rules over home, hearth, and family, job, finance, and prosperity, and physical health and well being, birth, death, and rebirth. In this deck, the God and Goddess cards are seen as signs of divine intervention or communication from Spirit.

The God Cernunnos is also known throughout all of Celtic tradition as Kernunnos, Herne’ the Hunter, Hu Gadam, Arddhu, the Horned God, and the Green Man. He is the consort and co-magician to the Earth Goddess; the Lord of the Forest signifies the perfect balance of male and female, humans and Nature, mankind and deity, and the material and the physical. He is the God of Nature, Lord of the Woodlands, the Underworld, and the Astral Plane and his symbols are the white Stag, the ram, the bull, and the horned serpent.

Pictured here, Cernunnos stands in a lush field shapeshifting into the white stage that is his totem. The white stag is legendary for coming from the Otherworld to guide humans n=into that realm on spiritual quests. He represents transformation. Behind the God is a stand of trees, a thick forest full of shades of green. This represents the richness of all the areas of your life when in one is in tune with the God and Goddess. His green cape is trimmed in flowers, symbols of renewal and rebirth, and leaves on the ground below him repeat this pattern. His brooch is a five-pointed star (pentacle), and signifies the five elements, Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Spirit.

This is a time of transformation and many new parts of your life are now beginning. If you struggle against the changes, they will still happen but the journey will be difficult; now is the time to grow with the, embracing the opportunity to prosper Bring yourself back into balance n order to work best with this energy and you will find tranquility and success. This can also indicate the discovery of untapped spiritual or psychic abilities.

May your untapped talents bring much success and balance to your life!