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Twelve of Earth

Twelve of Earth

Today’s card is the Twelve of Earth (Pentacles), also known as the Goddess Medb (Maeve), Warrior of Earth. The Good Queen Medb (Maeve), is a Goddess of the land’s sovereignty, thus her association with the suit of Earth. Strikingly beautiful, this powerful Maiden Queen was one of the greatest figures in Irish folklore as the Goddess of Tara. Medb played a central role in the epic tale, The Cattle Raid of Cooley, in which Medb steals the magick bull of Cooley. Armed with her shield (female symbol) and her spear (male symbol), she was known for her prowess as a fighter and a lover. She could run faster than a horse, representing swiftness, power, and endurance, and was often depicted carrying birds and small forest animals across her arms and shoulders. As a Goddess of the Tuatha De Danann, Medb was later transformed into the Faery Queen of Connaught when the Tuatha merged with the land. They are known as The Sleepers and are believed to still be there within the Earth, waiting for the re-awakening. In a more traditional tarot deck, this card would be known as the Knight of Pentacles.

Today, this card and the person it represents can be either male or female. In the Shapeshifter deck, the Warrior card symbolizes someone who rushes headlong into your life to render a ‘great service’ or oust negativity. The keywords for this card are Self-Responsibility, Divine Meeting, and Shapeshifting. On this card, Medb is pictured as a woman of youth and wisdom, young and old in perfect balance; her green eyes look upward, and her bright red hair is streaked with both ebony and white. This gorgeous Warrior of Earth can be seen prancing through the green wood with her faery love as she shapeshifts into a fabulous unicorn. The unicorn is a symbol of the fierce power of love and is often associated with royalty. The unicorn’s horn is said to be, at its tip, as hot as the Sun itself and could be used as an amulet to detect poisons and impurities. Swirling energy beings can also be seen merging with the Queen and her lover as large birch trees stand behind them, signifying rebirth, regeneration, and self-propagation. The eyes of the birch tree are also symbols of the all-seeing Mother Goddess.

This card shows us that we have come to the full realization of our aloneness and that we are solely responsible for making, and breaking, the patterns of our own existence. This knowledge will show us how to construct, build, and re-create (reinforce) structures and forms into the lives that we desire. Discover a way to create abundance in a balanced and organic way. This card can also signal the arrival of an actual person in your life; in this case, a young dark-haired female who has a zealous passion for creating/creation. She may be either in a position or authority and power such as an administrator, officiator, or decision maker. It can also signal a message in the form of a ‘Divine’ meeting that will change the way you see life forever.

May divine intervention ride into your life today like a magickal steed and bring with it the life-giving energy of the Sun!