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Twelve of Air

Twelve of Air

Today’s card is the Twelve of Air (Wands), also known as the Warrior of Air, Taliesin. In the traditional tarot deck this card would be the Knight of Wands and this suit would be associated with Fire. However, the Shapeshifter Tarot uses the suit of Wands to represent Air. Air rules over mental process and analytical thinking, intelligence and insight, third sight and psychic abilities, communication, and dreams. It is also important to note that, in this deck, the Warrior typically represents a person, male or female, who is about to run headlong into your life and render service and ousting negative outcomes.

The legendary bard, Taliesin, is depicted on this beautiful card as he stands cloaked in confidence and power. Known as the Prince of Song and the Chief Bard of the West, Taliesin is known to be a powerful shapeshifter, having be trained by the Goddess herself in the ways of wisdom and magick. He was a great poet and initiate and one of the supreme Wizards of the Celts, in particular the Welsh. Taliesin is known as the Way-Shower, he will guides those who truly seek high spiritual initiation.

In this image, his cloak is covered with marigolds, vines, and ferns. These flowers represent renewal and the ferns, a Oneness with the powers of Nature. Flowering vines, a symbol of self-sacrifice, are seen encircling his feet, traveling up his cloak, and curling up around him, reaching toward the sky. In one hand he holds a scroll and quill, symbolic of spiritual knowledge. The other rests on the hilt of his sword, signaling strength, courage, defense, and the power to liberate. Although this Wizard is trained in all the Earthly arts, he knows that all power and change comes from the spiritual plane. He is transforming into a ruby-throated hummingbird, representing divine love and happiness.

This is a time of receiving guidance from unexpected sources. Changes are near; in order to manifest them, seek to bring greater spirituality into your life. Anything that has been blocking your way in relationships, employment, or spiritual growth have been dissolved and you are safe to move forward.

May you be blessed with a magickal visit from a wise friend, acquaintance, or stranger today!