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Three of Water

Three of Water

Today’s card is the Three of Water (Cups), also known as Abundance. Aligning with a traditional tarot deck, the suit of Cups is associated with the element of Water. Water rules over the heart and circulatory system, romantic love, familial love, and friendship. It also represents healing and compassion, cleansing and anointing, rain and storms, bodies of water and aquatic creatures, and is associated with the Moon which controls the tides of the Earth itself.

The keywords for this card are Healing, Success, Prosperity, and Rapport. A truly positive card, it portends good fortune whenever it appears in a reading. Here, a white duck floats on a serene and sacred pool, facing the shapeshifters that appear on its surface. Two women and one man are merging with the element of Water and they make a home in this sacred pond. The water/woman in the falls is feeding the stream and pool and is a symbol of the source of all abundance and nourishment, The Great Goddess. The rushing water represents the Mind moving and spilling over into the physical plane. In the background of Abundance is a slow stream meandering its way through the woods; signifying flexibility and wisdom, a willow tree shades the pool and protects the lush landscape. Transformation in the form of two frogs sits quietly on the bank among daisies, symbolizing our wishes and dreams; they are poised to jump into the water’s flow.

Riches of the mind, body, and spirit are at your fingertips. A healing is on the way as you communicate your positive emotions and feelings to someone close. Share your thought and ideas with open- and like-minded people. This is a time for finding abundance in your life with the things and people you love. Use your communication skills to connect with those people for a more positive environment and merge your energies together to create something new and wonderful. Apply successful combinations, and it will draw abundance into every aspect of your life.

May you dive deep into the pool of Abundance today and ever more!