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Three of Fire

Three of Fire

The final card for the Shapeshifter deck is the Three of Fire (Swords), also known as Sorrow. I had hoped to finish up this gorgeous and insightful deck on a positive note, but the cards had another idea. In the traditional tarot deck, The Suit of Swords represents the Element of Air but in the case of the Shapeshifter deck, these elements have been switched; the creators of this deck have used Wands for Air and Swords for Fire. Fire represents the Spirit as the fourth phase of our spiritual journey; it empowers creation, passion, and sexual desire, strength, courage, and power, purging and purity, forging and manipulation, the ‘AHA’ moment and the changing of one thing into another.

The keywords for this card are Great Sadness, Separation, Quarrels, and Disappointment. On this card, a great oak, symbol of long life as well as the long span of reincarnated lives, stands in the foreground. It is entangled by roots, representing the past and present errors that are slowing or strangling the actions and growth of the oak (initiate’s lifetime). Unless these roots are untangled and removed, the oak will eventually fall from decay and die. Woven into the branches of the oak is a giant spiderweb. This huge web contains dying insects; the dragonfly, symbol of dreams, and the butterfly, representing transformation, are both trapped within this tangled mess. Like them, the initiate (seeker) has become bogged down with emotional baggage or entanglement that seem to have no immediate conclusion. The web also contains the anguished faces of past human incarnations. This self-woven web, built of past and present decisions made for the wrong reasons and without long-range vision, have caused painful events, heartache, and sorrow to unfold as a result. These strands are so thick that it will take time and determination to break free of their hold. The tiny spider signifies that the cycles of creation and destruction are at play here, and that great power is contained in each of our actions.

For some, this will be a great time of emotional upheaval and sorrow. This may be due to quarrels and /or separation that trap the seeker in a pool of swirling emotions, making it impossible to make rational decisions. This card also indicates a bitter conclusion to some relationships where blame is squarely thrown from both sides of the battle field. No quarter is asked and none shall be given! It may also indicate an upheaval of your immediate environment that leaves you feeling headless and a victim of circumstance. To see the reality of the situation, take a step back and look at the big picture. Take time to process each decision you make at this time.

May your sorrows be washed away by loving friends and family, clearing the mind to make thoughtful decisions.

Tomorrow: The Tree Oracle deck begins!