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Three of Earth

Three of Earth

Today’s card is the Three of Earth (Pentacles), also known as Mastery. This Element is the base of the Minor Arcana and rules over home, hearth, and family, job, finance, and prosperity, and physical health and well being, birth, death, and rebirth. In working our way through the lessons of the tarot, we discover that the human journey also starts in this Element and, while all other Elements are at play in the process, our journey must be based on solid footing, on roots firmly placed in the Mother, if we are to grow and be healthy and stable.

The keywords for this card are Perseverance, Achievement, and Joy. In this scene, a mighty oak tree, its branches rich with acorns, stands in full glory beside a riverbank. Here we see the symbol of Earth itself in perfect harmony with the Spirits of Water; each gives to and receives from the other. Scattered acorns lie about on the ground below. While the oak is a symbol of both physical and spiritual strength, the acorns represent the seeds of knowledge that are given freely to all who seek to grow. Leaning upward from the water you can see the upper body of an otter/woman. This shapeshifter signifies the ability to recover from a crisis through the acquisition of wisdom and a need to enjoy life for the sake of living. A badger can also been seen peering from behind the tree; he represents protection, perseverance, and productive actions. He gazes intently at the otter/woman and her playful motions. He is there to offer her the value of his energy, that of self protection. Once she willingly opens herself to renewal, he will share this knowledge. Dedication to the pursuit of spiritual wisdom and how to apply it in a practical manner have filled the initiate’s life with such joy that she cannot help but express it through her interactions with others. Weaving through her in the foreground of the card are white narcissus and yellow roses; these signify renewal of spirit and achievements on the physical plane.

This card tells us that we have been through a time of inner or outer crisis and are facing the rewards of positive actions and reactions. If you are still in the backwaters of a trial, perseverance is the key to manifestation. In the end, you will triumph and the goals that you have dreamed of will be realized.

May all your hard work pay off and your dreams become a reality today!