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Three of Disks

Three of Disks

Today’s tarot card is the Three of Disks, also known as the Lord of Works. Disks represent the Element of Earth which rules over our physical and material lives. Thus it rules over growing things: gardening, farming, animal husbandry, also construction and other forms of physical labor, physical health, child rearing, and the weather. It also rules over the practical side of creating and maintaining a home, job, finance, budgeting, banking, and business ownership.

This card deals with the material or financial success gained through hard work. I’m sure many of you remember the term ‘work ethic’. This card points to someone with a great work ethic; they show up, they get it done, and they rarely complain. This person tends to get ahead in their line of work as those with experience and knowledge don’t mind working with them or teaching them the skills of the trade. Knowledge from a master craftsperson, in any number of fields, instills a wisdom that cannot be acquired in a trade school or technical college. Look for an opportunity to get this type of experience if you can.

On the flip side, this card could also be telling some of you that their expectations are set way too high! If you feel that success is continually eluding you, examine your goals for lofty intent. You may need to adopt a bit more realism to become a success.

Once, this particular card was associated with the mysteries of the smithy and the mason. The blacksmith trade and that of stone Masonry were once considered mystery schools in that only those trained in the arts of the craft could achieve the desired result, a fine, strong blade or a building that would withstand the tests of time and weather. Often, the apprentices to these crafts were carefully chosen, especially in masonry which has always held a mystical component in addition to it’s practical training. Ancient people marked locations at which they received visions or contact from the Aether (the Astral Plane) by using stone to create an altar. These altars were usually in one of three shapes and were erected in proportion to the size of the ‘miracle’ that had occurred.

In places that still exist today, these altars can be found, usually in a clearing or glade, and will be one of three shapes. The square or rectangular variety were erected to honor Earth Spirits that governed over crops and living things, the triangular ones were used to honor Earth Spirits that governed over animal husbandry or love and marriage, and the round ones were used to honor the Spirits that ruled over money as it roughly represents a coin. One similar to this can be easily recreated in your backyard if you have an earthly matter that could use a boost.

Once the altar is constructed, place an offering on it that relates to the shape of the stone you used, then walk away without looking back. Your offering will eventually be taken up by the Earth Spirits and carried forth. You can also honor the Earth Spirits using any altar that you are lucky enough to stumble across in Nature; just make sure that, if there is already an offering on the stone, even an unlikely or simple one, you do not disturb it in any way!

May the Spirits of Earth bless you with material and financial success today!