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Three of Cups

Three of Cups

Today’s card is the Three of Cups, also known as the Lord of Abundance. Cups represent the Element of Water which rules over the heart and matters of love, friendship, compassion, and healing, charm, beauty, entertainment, and the arts, including the Occult. Thus, while Fire is the Creative Force, Water is the emotion that inspires us to Create. All art forms use symbolism, whether through paint, music, poetry, acting, or dance, which in turn connects with the subconscious mind, where magick occurs.

The Lord of Abundance speaks to us of fertility and the ability to procreate. Immediately following the Two of Cups, the card of love fulfilled, this card symbolizes creativity, including that of creating a new life. While some individuals certainly choose not to procreate for a multitude of reasons, for some this act is of primary importance and can leave a hole in the life and heart of a person who is unable to conceive by ordinary means. This subject has been of such importance that the Catholic Church still make rules regarding its restriction into the 21st century. But they weren’t the first to address this issue. For centuries cultures have tried to ensure the healthy propagation of their clan or tribe, finding that a barren woman was a symbol of a barren land and working magick to fix this problem for both the woman in question along with the tribe as a whole.

The process of fertility is said to be guided by the Moon; this is due to the fact that the Moon controls the tides, including the tide of our menstrual flow. The Triple Goddess has been assigned responsibility for this form of Magick and has been called upon in many forms over the millennia: The Three Graces, the Three Fates, The Wyrd Sisters, and The Norns. Each aspect of the Triple Goddess was once seen as three separate beings: Clothos the Spinner who wove the tapestry of life, Lachesis the Disposer of Lots who assigned life’s purpose, and Atropos the Inflexible who cuts the string of life at its end. In the Greek pantheon, these three were known as Selene (the maiden), Artemis (the mother), and Proserpina (the crone), with the combined triad being referred to as Hekate. You can see this theme reflected in the story of Sleeping Beauty who was bestowed gifts by the fairies while one, a malevolent fairy, attempts to cause her death by pricking her with a spinning wheel needle. When trying to conceive, therefore, you wold pray to the Maiden to open your womb and plant a seed of growth there, that will allow the woman in question her transformation from Maiden to Mother.

As a fortune telling mechanism, this card represents a happy fulfillment of wishes. This can come in the form of fertility but also in the form of abundance and prosperity, gifts, food and drink shared with loved ones, and generosity and hospitality. This weekend is a great time to reconnect with old friends or relatives and re-establish the connection that offers support and love.

On the flip side, this card can be a warning not to over-indulge as you head into Saturday night. Sometimes this card signifies an ‘eat, drink, and be merry’ attitude that produces promiscuity and/or black-out drinking, a lack of awareness of your surroundings, or a feeling that life is happening to you. This indicates a lack of ability to age decisions and stick with them. Choosing not to decide is still a choice but one that gives control over to others or the Universe at large. Don’t give up control because it seems easier – it’s really not!

Today, may you be blessed with happy moments shared with those you love!