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The World

The World

Today’s Faerie Tarot card is The World. Number twenty-one of the Major Arcana, this card is the final concept in the journey to occult wisdom. This is not to say that you will not need to continue to strive for your Inner Truth. In fact, much like the cycle of life, the cycle of learning and growth is cyclical. As an example, we all begin our educational learning curve by learning to speak, memorizing the ABCs, learning to combine those letters into words, and those words into sentences. As we enter school, we learn the types of words that make up a sentence, how to construct a paragraph, how to string together thoughts in a written format, and how to add knowledge to our bank by reading and exploring others’ words and ideas, etc. One’s learning curve is never over, as would be indicated by a linear process, but continues throughout our lives, both physical and spiritual, until we have mastered the art of reading and writing or, in this case, magick and occult wisdom.

The World represents the unity of life and the successful completion of some goal or dream. It signifies total achievement, plentitude, and perfection. It signifies the absolute alignment of the soul to its purpose, and tells you that you have reached a state of complete interconnectivity with the Divine. When we have reached our apex, we are at the greatest point of our success and understanding in our current situation. At this time, take a moment to celebrate success and unity with Spirit. Joy and harmony are yours for the taking before you begin the next phase of your journey. It also signals that you are about to ‘level up’; the act of ‘starting over’ with the knowledge you already possess. This is like being granted the chance to ‘be 16 again and know what you know now’. As you level up, you will find that you are repeating the various learning stages of Occult wisdom from an uplifted perspective. This advanced learning will continue to define your journey in new and challenging ways, no matter where you may be on your path. Take a moment to look back at all that you have learned and be in a space of thankfulness for the person you have become as you passed through these stages.

Today, may you be in a state of pure joy as you realize your greatest successes and fully embrace your inner harmony!

*for you art fans out there, check out the blooms drawn in the style of Georgia O’Keefe!