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The Sorceress

The Sorceress

Today’s card is The Sorceress, number two of the Major Arcana. In a more traditional deck, this card is known as the High Priestess. The Major Arcana are used as a teaching tool to introduce the initiate to the principles of occult worship. Each represents a point along our evolutionary path as magickal beings and discussed the science, and the mysticism, that work in tune to guide our journey as spiritual seekers. As in any tarot deck, this journey begins with Initiation (The Fool), representing innocence and new beginnings. But while the Major Arcana have a finite number, the journey through them continually begins again as the spiral of our existence play out.

The keywords for this card are Hidden Influences and Mystical Wisdom. This powerful Sorceress stand before the Cauldron of the Goddess, call forth the energies she needs to create and transform energy into matter. She is shifting into the form of an owl which represents ancient knowledge and mystical wisdom of the powers of the Moon which is not only behind her but laid at her feet. The three golden apples hanging around her neck symbolize her direct connection with the Triple Goddess (Maiden, Mother, and Crone), who guards the gates of life, death, and rebirth. With her left hand she draws in Universal energy to aid in the fulfillment of her goal and desires, represented by the red rose she holds in her right hand.

Ancient standing stones circle above her head in this scene. These represent the ability to access ancient wisdom through the subconscious mind that connects all humans irrespective of time and space, life or death, while a crow, known as a special messenger from the Goddess, hovers nearby. The never-ending, never-beginning Celtic weave is symbolized by the twining roots coming from the cauldron; these roots and the boiling stream of stars represent boundless energy both in nature and in the cosmos itself. The green vines are repeated in her robe and are the roses. Both are a sign that she is well aware that she can call upon the powers of the cosmos from within as well as without. About her waist is a golden belt, symbol of eternity and the endless cycles of life, power, and learning.

As the Sorceress, each of us is experiencing a time of influences from higher sources. Opportunities and messages can come that will enable you to make changes for the better on your spiritual path. If you are an artist, musician, writer, or mystic, turn to the cauldron – your own inner mind, soul, and nature – for inspiration. Listen for Divine inspiration (the Crow) that comes to you suddenly.

May the voice of the Goddess come to you loud and clear as you seek the wiser path.