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The Sorcerer

The Sorcerer

Today’s card is the Sorcerer, also known as the Magician in more traditional tarot decks. The key words to this card are Knowledge, Power, and Mastery. The images in this card express many ideas associated with gaining occult knowledge and how that knowledge can help you realize your personal power and master your magickal intention and technique. Part gyrfalcon and part human, this Sorcerer travels with his familiar, a white timber wolf with golden eyes. In this form, our Sorcerer is the winged messenger of the Gods and represents personal will aligned with that of the Divine in perfect harmony. The person for whom this card appears in a reading is experiencing a shift in thinking and communication, one that embraces complete self awareness, a ‘knowing’ of why one has chosen to walk the path of Spirit.

The Sorcerer is dressed in the red robe of life which is trimmed in an endless pattern of Celtic knotwork. Even his boots echo this pattern which is symbolic of the intertwining energies of the Universe. He is crowned with gold, the symbol of eternity, and wears a belt of a serpent devouring its own tail; this signifies the cyclical nature of life, death, and rebirth. He wields a staff in his right hand. This is the staff of knowledge, both seen and unseen. In his left hand/claw, he holds a wand that is connecting him to the power of the Universe, allowing him to direct it toward. This serves to direct his will and bring forth the Light in the manner of service to others and to the Gods themselves. A large oak tree behind represents growth and its interwoven roots serve as a link to the ‘otherworld’ or ‘underworld’. Red roses, the symbol of the cultivation of desires, grows behind an ancient stone altar on which rest four items that symbolize the Elements of Earth, Air, Fire, and Water (Quartz, book, chalice, and candle). The Sorcerer is the fifth Element, Spirit, which works to activate the other four elements. This is shown in the pool of water flowing at his feet, reflecting the stars of the night sky and the heavens.

This card signifies that we have made a decision to walk ‘between the worlds’, the tangible world of ‘reality’ and the magickal world of spiritual power. This journey will be swift and allow you to discern things with the keen sight of the falcon, while allowing the instinct of the wolf, applying wisdom to your daily life to embrace change that will allow you to work more closely with the Element of Magick and move closer to your calling. This empowers the Sorcerer within each of us and we will begin to make decisions that elevate our level of communication, allowing us to gain knowledge that will lead to a life where your actions, efforts, and patterns ‘merge’ into a greater ability to ‘live what you love’. Renewed inspiration is one of the trademark results of the energies of this card.

May you be inspired to greater spiritual heights today and every day!