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The Shapeshifter

The Shapeshifter

Today’s card is The Shapeshifter, number twelve of the Major Arcana. In a more traditional tarot deck, this card is known as the Hanged Man. The Major Arcana are used as a teaching tool to introduce the initiate (seeker) to the principles of occult worship. Each represents a point along our evolutionary path as magickal beings and discussed the science, and the mysticism, that work in tune to guide our journey as spiritual seekers. As in any tarot deck, this journey begins with Initiation (The Fool), representing innocence and new beginnings. But while the Major Arcana have a finite number, the journey through them continually begins again as the spiral of our existence play out.

The keywords for this card are A Pause and Prophetic Power. This gorgeous jaguar/woman is lounging on a tree branch, reflecting on her image in the pool below her, a symbol of the emotions. She has reached the part (cycle) of her journey where she understands that times of suspended activity are necessary in order to review her lessons learned and contemplate her next steps on life’s path. Only in contemplation do the emotions reveal the nature of our deepest inner truth. With only a few ripples in her reflection, she can see that she is shifting, indeed making progress although it may be less perceptible than she realized. Only her tail and head have completely shifted, allowing her to use her newfound jaguar power in her normal life; the rosettes beginning to form down her back and legs, they tell her that, unless she strays, her goal will be attained. Vague faces appear out of the water; these represent the other aspects of her emotions and life that remain partly hidden at her current stage of spiritual development. These concepts must be worked with going forward so that clarity and insight can be gained.

The forest behind her is brightly lit by the sun; the events in her life are also thusly illuminated so that she can see them for what they truly are and make proper choices for her personal growth. Several triangles can be seen in her bracelet, in the tree shapes, and in the reeds among the rocks. These signify the astral energies that arse drawn on by the magician. The trefoil earring symbolizes the Triple Goddess, and the cluster of stars in the pool is a symbol of the spiritual beacons that will be shining along the path to enlightenment, and act as a guide through the darker recesses of the subconscious mind.

At this time, things may seem to be in suspended animation with little or no movement in events. This is an opportunity for self-introspection and careful decisions about how present actions may affect your future desires. A period of possible spiritual expansion could be on the horizon as well; be on the lookout for messages in dreams, as intuition, or from unexpected sources.

May the inner journey you make today awaken new insight and direction on your spiritual path!