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The Shapeshifter Tarot

The Shapeshifter Tarot

Now that we have taken a journey through the full deck of The Magickal Tarot, we move on to one that is a bit different in its style and tenor. The Shapeshifter Tarot by D.J. Conway and Sirona Knight (illustrations by Lisa Hunt) is a beautiful deck with a Celtic base that focuses on the ability of all things to ‘shift’ shape and time, casting magick between the worlds where the physical confines of the body do not limit us from ‘becoming’ as one with animals and other living forms in Nature. While this is not a reference to actual corporeal transmutation, it is a technique if you will of adopting the thoughts, feelings, and spirit of a person, animal, or plant. This is accomplished by the study of metaphysics and nature, by chanting, ritual, singing, dancing, channeling, ritual, and making love, all situations that allow us to merge with another and build energy.

The Celtic shaman knows that nothing ever dies, it merely changes form. Energy, like water, when poured on the ground does not simply vanish, it absorbs, evaporates, becomes rain, and falls to Earth. Everything is constantly shifting, changing form, and the ability to slip time, space, and worlds is a skill that can be mastered with practice. The technique is called Merging, and it is something that happens quite naturally at certain moments in our lives; when we hold out new baby for the first time, when we fall hopelessly in love, when we are in the deepest part of the forest and we feel at one with the trees, the birds and creatures residing there, the water and the wind and the sun on our skin. Learning to Merge can be done once one knows what to do. For more information, please research this online or look for other works by D.J. Conway. He is a quite prolific author on the topics of Magick and the occult.

This deck can be used for fortune telling but also as a guide for meditation, reflecting on a card a day for inspiration and spiritual expansion. The pictures on the cards can reveal personal insight and messages from your Higher Self, or it can provoke additional images from Spirit to ‘speak to you’ or guide you along your path to enlightenment. If you are having dreams that need to be interpreted, you can also use a card that resembles the theme of the dream as a meditative tool. Or, in the case of a nightmare, use a card that is the opposite of your dream to replace the former images in your mind.

As we journey through this new deck, I will be explaining the images on the card as well as the divinatory meanings of each card. In this deck, the Elements represented are different than in the standard deck so it may take a few cards to wrap your head around the various meanings as they will not be what you would typically expect. HANG IN THERE! I have found this deck to b e revealing and magickal. It is my hope that you will, too.

Tomorrow we will begin exploring this amazing deck. I hope you continue to enjoy getting your Tarot of the Day as we ‘Merge’ our paths together on this journey!