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The Seer

The Seer

Today’s card is The Seer and is number Nine of the Major Arcana. This card would be more readily known by it’s traditional name, the Hermit. As with the previous deck, the Major Arcana show us the various phases, or lessons if you will, of the spiritual journey. While some my attempt to skip the individual steps of this journey, there is a natural progression from The Fool, who represents innocence, naivety, and the beginning of a matter, to Oneness (The World) when one realizes that they are an integral part of all living things in the Universe and that we are all linked by Spirit. In the case of the Shapeshifter deck, there will be 81 cards rather than 78; the creators of this deck have added three additional cards that have significance in the Gwyddonic Druid Tradition which they practice. Note that moving through the phases of the Major Arcana doesn’t complete your journey. The concepts continue to present themselves to you at ever deeper levels as they spiral in and out of your journey.

This card relates to the keywords completion, contemplation, and insight for few go where the Seer must travel. The meaning of this card relates to direct experience that causes a transition in your life or way of thinking and leads to completion of one phase before moving on to the next. As the Seer stands alone in a lush woodland, he is alone, much like the eagle he is becoming. This powerful bird of prey is the embodiment of power and keen awareness and also the qualities of swiftness, wisdom, and longevity. As an emblem of majesty, it is interesting to note that the eagle spends much of its time alone or with one other eagle, it’s mate. associated with lightning and the powers that control rain and thunder, he understands the power of the Elements and how to work with them. While one arm has already shifted into an eagle’s talon, the other holds aloft a large shining crystal that is illuminating his w ay on the path of enlightenment. Tapping into the divine, the Seer becomes the voice of Light and Prophecy, seeing clearly and gliding through various states of being.

A stream flows at the feet of this Seer, and the roots of an Oak tree wind beneath his feet. This symbolizes the Union of personal consciousness with that of Oneness. Green ferns weave through the base of the tree where a squirrel quietly eats three acorns and the standing stone behind him bears a spiral, representing the threefold path of the Goddess and the cycle of life. He wears a belt of red signifying the blood of life, and his tunic his bordered with the twining polarities of the cosmic web.

This card says that Divine sources are coming to your aid. You may meet someone with influence on your path who will take the form of spirit guide, teacher, or deity. But in order to hear this guidance, a bit of silence, meditation, and reflection will be needed. Take one step at a time, listen to your inner voice, and let go of your ego importance, possessiveness, and attachment to results. The Seer shows more need for contemplation, and acknowledging the Truths that you are not willing to sacrifice on your journey. Structure and working with patterns will allow you to align with your True Nature more completely.

May you be blessed with the ability to see that which is not readily seen on your path to the Divine and may you know and celebrate yourself as an integral part of the that which is holy!