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The Seeker of Earth

The Seeker of Earth

Today’s card is the Eleven of Earth, also known as the Seeker of Earth. This card is typically known as the Page of Pentacles and is one of four court cards in each suit, The Seeker, The Warrior, The God, and The Goddess. In the Shapeshifter deck, this card represents the Celtic God, Tarvos, who is a God of vegetation and a young version of the All-Father, Cernunnos. The story of Tarvos in the Welsh Cruise folklore is a metaphor for the movement of the stars, The Bull (Taurus) and The Hunter (Orion). Tarvos (The Bull) is said to have been born at Oestara (Spring Equinox) at the well of Coventina, growing in power and stature until He is slain by Esus the Hunter at Samhain (Halloween). Some of his blood is poured upon a mighty oak that lived there, imbuing the Earth with his life and sustaining us through the Winter. Another portion of his blood is rumored to have travelled South (Fire) by three cranes (symbols of longevity) in a small bowl. This story may be derived from a time when the Priest and Priestess would dress as bull and cow to represent the cosmic dance of solar mythology that arrived in Europe and the British Isles via various trade routes.

In this card, the man is shapeshifting into the Bull, and the oak tree behind him seems to be a part of him, intertwining with his horns and cloak. The shape of the bull horns is shaped similar to a crescent moon and also the female genitalia. Horns were the first musical instrument played by members of the Teutonic tribes, the bull being sacred to them. They would often blow them at sunrise and sunset and are often associated with herdsmen, hunters, warriors, and watchmen. The sky-blue of his cloak blends naturally with the vegetation that grows all around him; a sacred well surrounded by standing stones is seen in the folds of his cloak, swirling upward toward the sky. Scattered at his feet are sunflowers, symbols of the Sun and regeneration, reminding us that the dance of life moves Sun-wise (clockwise) when doing rituals. Mixed with the sunflowers are purple lobelia flowers. Legend has it that they have the power to stop storms and calm the horizon. The Irish are known as the ‘people of the Wells and wells are believed to be magickal portals of communication with the Divine. You will often find natural shrines erected near a well today, both in Europe and in America where the traditions were brought when those of European descent came to this land. When encountering a shrine of this type, take a moment to offer a prayer to the Goddess for the many blessings She give us and to the Spirits of Nature who guard it.

This card symbolizes productivity and construction and means initiation, cyclic growth, and longevity. Finding perfection in your home life or work environment, this may be a time for new beginnings, plans, or projects that enhance this feeling. Nothing can deter your process at this moment; if someone has been working to circumvent your progress, their identity will be revealed to you soon. This is a good time to take a look at any attitudes that you may have that are on the young and restless side; tone down those behaviors so that you can fine tune your moment of inspiration.

May you be blessed by Tarvos as you go about your daily routine, and inspired to grab hold of the victory that is already yours.