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The Mother

The Mother

Today’s card is The Mother, number three of the Major Arcana. This card is known as the Empress in a more traditional tarot deck. The Major Arcana are used as a teaching tool to introduce the initiate to the principles of occult worship. Each represents a point along our evolutionary path as magickal beings and discussed the science, and the mysticism, that work in tune to guide our journey as spiritual seekers. As in any tarot deck, this journey begins with Initiation (The Fool), representing innocence and new beginnings. But while the Major Arcana have a finite number, the journey through them continually begins again as the spiral of our existence play out.

The keywords for this card are Creativity, Growth, and Production. In this scene, the Mother is beautifully pregnant and is the One Who Gives Life. Daughter of Oneness, she represents the Divine Feminine and is the archetypal energy of birth and death. She is the Yin energy and the Anima. She serves as Queen or Empress of the Universe and she reigns over all things womanly within the earthly domain and beyond. A winged white mare, Pegasus of Greek mythology is but one example, stands by her side, drinking from the cosmic pool at her feet. This pool is symbolic of Universal knowledge and spirituality and The Mother stands with her feet immersed in the cool water. She holds a ripe pomegranate in her hand representing seeds of creation and she wears a medallion around her neck of the Triskellion, symbol of the Triple Goddess. She also wears green robes, signifying her relationship with Nature and the green world. With every birth of animal, human, or star, she is there. The night sky shimmers with a spiral of stars and planetary bodies. The Mother is friend to all; revere her and she will bountifully share the abundance of the Universe.

This card tells us that we can begin to look to Nature for deeper wisdom a the threshold of the manifest and unmanifested realms. Expanding your perspective is the best way to understand the union between matter and spirit and that you are an integral part of the cosmos. The Mother also signifies your indwelling light and creativity and outpouring of energy. She is here to shine her light on love, marriage, and fidelity, as well as all of the creative arts. Wisdom, abundance, and wealth are all her children, and you may find that you are filled with seeds (pomegranate) of production and generation. Listen to the divine inner voice within and allow the healing energies of love, harmony, and beauty to be at your fingertips. Once you learn to give and receive love, you will gain greater understanding of the polarities of existence. Shapeshifting can become one of your many talents at this time as The Mother has ultimate mastery over the world and form as She creates all life.

May you be blessed with abundance and creativity as the Mother smiles down upon you!