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The Magus

The Magus

Today’s card is The Magus, also known as the Crown of Understanding, and is number one of the Major Arcana. Each of the Major Arcana cards represents a principle of occult worship or enlightenment, with this card being the 22nd and final card of the Majors, which are numbered 0 – 21. When studying these principles, one would start with the number 0, The Fool, representing innocence, the beginning of a journey, and the initiate, and ending with number 21, The Universe. Having traveled through the theoretical concepts of Magick, therefore, one would need only to apply these principles in real life to move forward on the path of enlightenment.

The Magus, or Magician as he is known in many other decks, teaches us that everything in the Universe, yes EVERYTHING, is interconnected. From the rocks to the stars and everything in creation, we are all made up of atoms that are constantly spinning, moving at the subatomic level like tiny solar systems, producing energy as they spin. A rock may have a lower energy, or vibrational frequency, than a human but it is still made up of the same atoms that created the Universe during the Big Bang, forming, existing, eroding, and reforming as time elapses. In this way, living beings (both man and beast), crystals, herbs, trees, our Sun and Moon, planetary objects and the Earth herself, are all alive with energy.

The definition of magick is ‘to create extraordinary results through ordinary means’ and interconnectivity is the only reason why magick works! One cannot hope to influence outcomes, change the flow of events, or aid others with healing or energy, without this connection. It is in realizing this connection and working within and through it, that we are able to affect change, not only for ourselves but for all who dwell on this amazing living creature known as Gaia. This realization comes to some easily while others may spend a lifetime not ever grasping it. It is our destiny as people on the path of enlightenment to reach a hand out and help those who have gotten the clue! If you are reading this post, you probably already ‘get it’, so why not share what you know with others. In this way, we all move closer to the Light.

When this card appears, it typically indicates that your spiritual journey is about to kick into high gear. Now would be a good time to listen to your intuition, that voice inside that guides you to your higher good, for what it will reveal will bring a new excitement and energy to your Magickal studies. If you have been thinking of adding a new aspect to your practices, be it meditation, divination, or healing work, now is the perfect time to get started.

On the flip side, you may be experiencing self-doubt or those around you may be bad-mouthing your endeavors. This is a push for you to find your own inner power and stop the voices, including the one in your heard, that says you can’t do whatever you want, including being a brilliant reflection of the energies of love and magick!

May you find your own inner spark today and share it with others!