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The Lovers

The Lovers

Today’s card is number Six of the Major Arcana, also known as The Lovers. This card mirrors the card of the same name found in a traditional tarot deck. The Major Arcana are used as a teaching tool to introduce the initiate to the principles of occult worship. Each represents a point along our evolutionary path as magickal beings and discussed the science, and the mysticism, that work in tune to guide our journey as spiritual seekers. As in any tarot deck, this journey begins with Initiation (The Fool), representing innocence and new beginnings. But while the Major Arcana have a finite number, the journey through them continually begins again as the spiral of our existence play out.

The keywords for this card are Attraction and Enticement. On this sensual card, the man and woman are entwined together in the act of physical love. The woman represents the flow of negative energy, and the man, the flow of positive energy, which is a necessary part of all creation. Behind them, but seeming to come from them, is the Tree of Life with apples on it, symbolic of rebirth and reincarnation and also earthly desire. The Tree of Life, positioned this way, represents the many levels of creation open to humans who seek more than physical satisfaction. The sun can be seen blazing through the branches of the tree, signifying the cosmic heart of spirit. To the left of the couple hovers a Russian Firebird while on the right is a Phoenix. The Firebird represents the need to listen to the inner intuitive messages and act on them, and the Phoenix symbolizes our ability to rise from the ashes and be reborn into a higher level of being. The tail feathers of both trill around the couple, revealing that even the physical act of love can be magickal when approached with spiritual purpose.

This card urges us to take a clear look at a choice or attraction before making a wrong decision. A struggle exists between the outward, purely physical desires and temptations and inner spiritual needs. A difficult decision must be made for long-term benefit.

May your ability to separate your temptations from your needs be heightened today!