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The Journey

The Journey

Today’s card is number twenty-two of the Major Arcana known as The Journey.This card does not exist in a more traditional tarot deck but has been added in the Shapeshifter Tarot. In the case of the Shapeshifter deck, there are 81 cards rather than 78; the creators of this deck have added three additional cards that have significance in the Gwyddonic Druid Tradition which they practice. The Major Arcana shows us the various phases, or lessons if you will, of the spiritual journey. While some my attempt to skip the individual steps of this journey, there is a natural progression from The Fool, who represents innocence, naivety, and the beginning of a matter, to Oneness (The World) when one realizes that they are an integral part of all living things in the Universe and that we are all linked by Spirit. Note that moving through the phases of the Major Arcana doesn’t complete your journey. The concepts continue to present themselves to you at ever deeper levels as they spiral in and out of your journey.

The keywords for this card are Unexpected Journeys and New Goals. As the initiate, this shapeshifter has come far. Here he takes the form of a hound, a Goddess creature whose keen senses of sight and smell help him to traverse the labyrinth of life in his search for the Divine Center. Joining him on his journey are cats, symbols of independence, resourcefulness, and wisdom, and mice, representing stealth, caution, and cunning. Physically aware of his surroundings, he walks confidently over the small obstacles that lie in the path ahead. Ass are ethereal signs that he call on his animal powers at will to manifest itself on his journey to grow closer to the Goddess and God.

The vine covered trees symbolize the many twists that our paths have taken to bring us to this moment of wisdom, spiritual joy, and stronger connections with the magickal realm. Faces of past lives appear in the trunks of these trees, reminding him that they no longer hold the powers of fear, shame, or glory except as learning stations on the eternal journey. In his hand he holds a staff; this signifies authority over himself. His cape blows in the wind; on the bottom there are Celtic twinings representative of the labyrinth of life. He carries a harp on his back, a sign that he follows the road that bridges between the worlds and his ability to manifest his will through magick. He knows that a greater gate of understanding and growth lie just ahead of him on the spiritual path and he eagerly seeks this next leg of the journey.

This card signals that a time of revelation and understanding are at hand. Doorways to opportunity will be opening now; the importance of these openings is dictated by the ground work that you have already put it. Now is a good time to explore past lives and see what they want to reveal. Set new and higher goals for yourself as you realize the successful completion of older aims. Move toward them with confidence and create the positive changes you want.

May you find a deeper sense of enlightenment just around on the bend and may your new goals match this new depth of connection to the Divine.