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The Four Winds

The Four Winds

Today’s card is The Four Winds, also known as the Ace of Wands. Unlike the standard tarot deck, The Shapeshifter deck uses the suit of Wands to represent the Element of Air which is linked with the intellect and imagination, analytical thought and inspiration, clarity and psychic ability, also known as third sight. Known as Burden, the keywords here are trials, wasted energy, and distress.

The keywords for this card are Invention, Creation, Birth, and Awakening. A mysterious owl-woman is pictured on this card, shapeshifting as she stands atop an ancient stone. The stone on which she leans is carved with a spiral trefoil, symbolizing the three aspects of the Goddess, Maiden, Mother, and Crone. The owl is also a symbol of the Goddess, representing perfect wisdom and her wings are outstretched as she hovers against the power of the wind before taking flight. Owls can see at night as they fly through the darkness, navigating noiselessly as they float through the sky. The owl is also the symbol of dreams; wisdom from above often comes in this form. The same ancient trefoil is also seen weaving through the grapevines on the ground, and the vines wind over standing stones which represent old patterns, climbing up to cling to the mighty oak that is budding with new possibilities.

The Ace of Air is a card of new enterprises, inventions, and creations, as well as spiritual awakening and self-discovery. To bring your new creative urges to life, tune in to your inner voice. It knows who and what you want to be, and will allow you the time to ‘become’ while enjoying the process. You may find that you understand yourself and others a bit better at this time; lean in to your basic Nature. If you would like to start a family, now is a good time. It is also a good time for starting business ventures, artistic projects, and self-improvement projects such as smoking cessation or walking/exercising more. Anything started at this time will tend to stick better as you will understand the motivation behind the change. This is also a time to tap into Goddess energy; begin to practice connecting to and drawing from Source. Anything you put your mind to can be accomplished in a year and a day.

May you feel inspired to that next great accomplishment in your life today!