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The Faerie Tarot

The Faerie Tarot

Tarot of the Day – The Faerie Tarot by Nathalie Hertz

Welcome and Greetings from Baba Yaga’s Hut @ the Mystical Wellness Center in Dayton, OH. Starting this week, we will be working with the Faerie Tarot, a deck created by Nathalie Hertz in 2008. Nathalie is a trained artist who loves to create works featuring magickal creatures such as faeries, dragons, unicorns, mermaids, angels, witches and wizards. In addition she enjoys painting animal and wildlife scenes and is active doing medieval reenactments with her friends in Paris where she resides. She is also the creator of the Vampyre Tarot and the Fantastical Tarot and also works with U.S. Games Systems, creating artwork for the game Magic: the Gathering and Wizards of the Coast among others.

This whimsical deck has some of the cutest and most colorful images that I have seen and is a joy to read. While this deck does come with a book enclosed, it appears to be a knock-off of others’ interpretations using the standard meanings provided by the Rider-Waite format. However, these images are well thought out and evoke the less daunting side of divination, representing the beauty, joy, and vivid color that enters our lives when we walk a spiritual path. I will be using a standard framework from which to read this deck, but will offer my unique intuitive guidance as we explore each day’s card.

Please join us each day as we read the Faerie Tarot and see for yourself if these cards speak to you!