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The Emperor

The Emperor

Today’s card, The Emperor, also known as the Son of the Morning, is number four of the Major Arcana. Each of the Major Arcana cards represents a principle in occult worship or enlightenment, with this card being the 22nd and final card of the Majors, which are numbered 0 – 21. When studying these principles, one would start with the number 0, The Fool, representing innocence, the beginning of a journey, and the initiate, and ending with number 21, The Universe. Having traveled through the theoretical concepts of Magick, therefore, one would need only to apply these principles in real life to move forward on the path of enlightenment.

While the Empress is the ruler of the more mundane aspects of our existence, the Emperor is the the ruler of the esoteric side or our development. This card represents magickal discipline, in the true sense of the word ‘disciple’. In all the world’s faiths, there was a founder, prophet, or ‘disciple’ that received ‘The Word’ directly from Source, be it the traditional Christian God or some other supernatural being. In the ancient past, the Roman Empire was built by Romulus as he was instructed by his father, Mars, the Koran was said to have been handed down to Muhammad by the Archangel Gabriel, and Jesus was able to communicate directly with God. Thus it is possible for each of us to communicate with God, possessing the same soul that was in each of these great wisdom teachers. But making a direct connection with Spirit takes time and practice, sometimes your whole life. For many, then, the best way to make this attempt is by following a prescribed method of worship or prayer that has been tried and proven by others on their path to enlightenment.

All of the world’s great teachers were students of a mystery school of some description; Moses was first trained in the Temples of Egypt and then by his uncle, Jethro, a priest of Midian, before he was able to communicate directly with God, Buddha underwent lengthy training in the Hindu faith before adopting some of his own philosophies, which came to be known as Buddhism but bear a striking resemblance to Hindu teachings, and Jesus was trained in the synagogues and temples of his youth before speaking to the people along his path to Spirit, causing those who witnessed it to adopt his methods as the religion that is now known as Christianity. Therefore, it is also important when adopting a path that leads to the occult that we seek solid information or teachers whose work is based on trial and success before we adhere to a prescribed method of worshipping and working with the energies of Magick.

Taking on a magickal path is not a decision to be made in haste, but one that should be made with the seriousness and commitment that is due such a switch in religion or faith. Stepping from the exoteric world into the esoteric one is a change of mindset and direction. When choosing occultism, you are choosing to take on the role of Priest or Priestess and will be asked to fulfill that role on occasions in your practice, if not for others, then certainly for yourself. While all roads lead to Rome, you don’t have to personally walk them of all to find the perfect one. There are many paths to the One because there are many temperaments, each one suited to a different form of study and reflection that will work best for them.Pick one that fits your journey and stick with it for best results.

If you find that are lacking spiritual direction right now, take up a martial arts or yoga class. While the physical activity will work on slowing down your heart rate and increasing your strength and vitality, the principles behind these types of athletics are based in spirituality. You may find that inspiration comes from participating in this form of self-care and that the world of Spirit can be found when you open yourself up in other healthy and loving ways.

May you be inspired to seek a worthy teacher today, someone who can help you make the Ultimate connection!