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Ten of Water

Ten of Water

Today’s card is the Ten of Water (Cups), also known as Happiness. In the Shapeshifter Tarot, as in other traditional decks, the Element of Water represents the emotions and matters of the heart, love in all its forms, friendship and compassion, gentle healing, and all matters concerning blood, the circulatory system, and menstrual flow. Water also represents bodies of water, all underwater creatures and amphibious creatures, ships and travel by sea, beaches, seashells, and seaweed. It comes sometimes in waves and storms, crashing into us with force and overwhelming us if we let it. It is also where the Moon resides and whose power affects the tidal flow of the Earth itself.

This card is as positive as it sounds. The keywords here are contentment, success, and love. A slow moving river meanders by, its banks lush with hyacinths and irises, as it makes its way past a rocky cave through a beautiful landscape of woodlands. The river is a symbol of the creative powers of time, Nature, and the Divine; was it sweeps out of the forest, bringing with it mental and emotional creative abilities of the mind. Humans have the capacity to choose whether or not to embrace the gifts that are inherently ours when we link with the Universe, bringing more happiness and creative expression into their lives. A brilliant rainbow is seen here representing spiritual energy as it flows through the chakras, one end of it falling away into the mouth of a cave. On a rock beside the entrance suns a lizard-woman symbolizing good luck and wisdom. This lizard-woman has discovered the knowledge of combining spiritual chakra energy with the primordial power of the womb of the Goddess. When positivity, wisdom, and spiritual energy are combined, it results in bringing good things into the life of the seeker. Two otters swim lazily in the river, symbolizing a common sense approach to applying occult wisdom into daily life. This allows us to play with our psychic abilities and benefit from the joy that is created when ‘becomes’ what they do. Smiling, happy faces appear in the trees, signaling the satisfaction that comes from leading a life filled with spiritual striving combined with common sense.

This card tells us that good things are coming our way; a time of happiness is about to replace the time of struggle that you have been experiencing. A new and happy relationship is on the horizon; keep your eyes open and your senses clear. There is likely to be more than one option opening up to you soon. Only one will be headed down the ‘right’ path and it will be up to you, with wisdom and thought, to decide which possibility leads you further along your path to enlightenment. The success that you have been working so hard for is now attainable.

May you be blessed with all you have worked so hard to achieve and may you be guided to are the right choices for your overall growth toward True Will.