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Ten of Wands

Ten of Wands

Today’s card is the Ten of Wands. Unlike the standard tarot deck, The Shapeshifter deck uses the suit of Wands to represent the Element of Air which is linked with the intellect and imagination, analytical thought and inspiration, clarity and psychic ability, also known as third sight. Known as Burden, the keywords here are trials, wasted energy, and distress.

On this card, three vultures can be seen circling a dead and rotting tree, the only movement in an otherwise desolate landscape. Oddly, the footsteps we see in the foreground are leading to the ‘death’ and not away from it. Vultures are creatures that represent death and rebirth, and the number three is symbolic of the Goddess in her various forms as beginning, growth, and ending. The symbolic meaning of this card is death but one that makes way for new beginnings. A cycle of life has come to and end, either physically or in your linear timeline. You are feeling an overwhelming need to scour away old ideas, ways of life, and patterns of behavior in order to make way for what is to come. Death, or the ending of ‘existence’ is a process that involves grieving before new growth can begin. The beleaguered face appearing in one of the stone appear to express regret and despair. All endings come with regret but can also be looked at as growth cycles, teaching us what we need to know to move forward on our path to enlightenment. And while this card seems to be all bad, in the foreground you can also see a tiny green sapling rising from the ashes of the dead tree, a symbol of new life emerging from the past. We are being asked to enter the Underworld and return again in order to replace the pain and sorrow with beauty and joy.

As time of despair is at hand for some of us; be patient and prepare for the changes that are coming your way. When the time is right, move on and find you new life. Stop wasting time on useless relationships and behaviors that are holding you back. Release is the key to moving on to your higher good.

May that which is a burden to you be lifted by the Divine so you may find your True Path! Blessed be!