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Ten of Pentacles

Ten of Pentacles

Today’s card is the Ten of Pentacles, also known as Coins or Disks. The Suit of Pentacles represents Earth which rules over our home and family life, physical health, stability and longevity, and career and finance.The Ten of this suit represents the final result of cumulative efforts — perhaps after generations of effort — resulting in a level of abundance that directly and indirectly supports a lot of people. One layer of meaning refers to the pride of carrying on your own lineage of well-loved souls. Imagine a flow of abundant resources so abundant that you are filled with not only pride but self-respect and gratitude! Such bounty can impact the destiny of many families and generations.

Nobility obligates is possessors, and the obligation must be passed down from generation to generation along with the abundance and freedom. This is especially poignant to me as the family crest of my matrilineal line is ‘Sola Virtus Nobilitat’; translated from the Latin, this means ‘Virtue Alone Is Nobility’. Virtue is number seven of the nine Orders of Angels and is defined as ‘behavior denoting high moral standard’. Thus, my family crest demands a standard of personal accountability as the only path to Nobility, a definition which I embrace as I walk my path of faith.

This card tells us that we have the potential power to be a benefactor, a savior to others and their dreams as well as our own. The Ten of Coins asks us to think of ourselves as one who may be of great benefit to people. No matter whether it be a service, an invention or an idea — know that you are holding a storehouse of value. Your potential treasure is enough to take care of you and yours for a long time. Exactly how are you going to manage the rewards of your talent? This is the question that each of us must answer as we work toward our highest purpose and the enlightenment of others. Recall the time when you began this current path or endeavor. Remember your sincerity, your innocence and your original vision? Can we reproduce that feeling of success and sustain inspiration as the administrator of our present abundance? Think of every act of spending, investing, and saving as the sowing of a seed that will produce a money tree in someone else’s yard. How can we get really clever and inventive at casting those seeds? This is your next assignment. Figure out what seeds your talents and energies can plant, and then tend them to ensure your own growth and harvest as well as the abundance of others.

May you sow healthy seeds today as you work toward reaping an abundant harvest for all!