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Ten of Disks

Ten of Disks

Today’s card is the Ten of Disks, also known as the Lord of Wealth. Disks represent the Element of Earth which rules over our physical and material lives. Thus it rules over growing things: gardening, farming, animal husbandry, also construction and other forms of physical labor, physical health, child rearing, and the weather. It also rules over the practical side of creating and maintaining a home, job, finance, budgeting, banking, and business ownership.

The path of Earth teaches us that money is for using, not for hoarding. The lesson of the Lord of Wealth is that of the ‘tithe’, which in literal terms means ‘one tenth’ and is related to the Ten of Disks as representing your total annual income. Once upon a time, it was believed that it was prudent and wise to give so that you could receive. This custom was observed by sharing with those less fortunate than oneself through gifts of clothing, food, and materials that would help sustain them and uplift the community. Eventually this practice was institutionalized as a means by which the church could afford to support their priests (who had given up their worldly possessions when joining the ministry or priesthood). Thus, in the Christian faith, tithing is still routinely practiced at almost every church service where parishioners are asked to donate as they pass around the altar plate.

As recently as this year, I was asked by a young man how one might allot more time and money to his craft. I spoke to him of tithing and suggested that he take 10% of his earnings and 10% of his time and devote them to esoteric and self-affirming pursuits. Whether that involves taking a class or workshop, buying altar and spell items, reading occult materials, or working with your innate talent to spark the soul, all of these would work with him to honor his spiritual side while not making him regret the time and money he was spending. In this way, we are tithing. Those who have so much money they don’t know what to do with it eventually have to make a decision to tithe also, to ‘pay it forward’ by lending it to others to give them a start in business or by donating large portions of it to charity such as Bill and Melinda Gates, Warren Buffet, Oprah Winfrey, or Ellen Degeneres have done. Others will piss it away on houses, cars, yachts, and jewelry but will be empty inside, devoid of the human connection that makes each of us a vital part of our ascension. They will be working backward, and we will be working against their tide. It is our nature, it seems, to take two steps forward and one step back.

This card is ultimately a great sign of impending monetary gain. Right now you have the Midas touch; anything you set your mind and time to will be rewarded with good luck and success. Depending on Karma, this reward could be a big one and could come in the form of a hand-up by the Establishment as recognition for a job well done. Either way, it portends a benefit, no matter how small. If you find that you are experiencing money trouble at this time, try giving to charity (even a few cents in the Salvation Army bucket) to change your financial luck. Other ways to give back involve volunteering your time to a worthy organization, donating old clothes to a homeless shelter, or giving food to a pantry in your community.

May you be blessed with wealth and abundance today and always!