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Today’s Healing with the Angels card is Study. The angels and spirits are here to let you know that the time is ripe for you to read, listen and learn. As we work toward honoring our truth through spirituality, we need to open ourselves to new knowledge, thoughts, and experiences. By being present and observing, we learn stillness and much more about how to interact within the balance and rhythm of the Universe. If you are feeling guided to take a class, now is the time to embrace that new learning. Also, if you are already pursuing an education, the angels tell you to continue.

Study is the act of listening, reading, or otherwise exposing oneself to information and theories that were not previously learned and adding that knowledge or experience to one’s bank of information. As we learn, we evolve from our prior state of ‘ignorance’ to a state of ‘being enlightened’ to this new information. When we are actively pursuing avenues for study, we open ourselves to the process of evolution and enlightenment. Basically, once you KNOW, you can’t un-KNOW what Spirit has in store for you. It is just a matter of continuing this process throughout our growth that allows that divine energy to find fertile soil in which to land.

While it is tempting when learning new things to want to put them into practice, the guides are telling you to wait. As with all things, there is a cycle to the process. Learning is first, followed by duplicating the practices that we have learned, then adding to that knowledge and practice with ideas and inspirations of our own, creating what is an individual way in which to honor the Gods, angels, and spirit guides. This allows for 100% buy-in to our process as well as having the faith that trusting our intuition and talents will be supported wholly by the Divine.

Today, may you take the time to explore new avenues of learning!