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Starwood Angel

Starwood Angel

Good morning and Happy Moon-day! I have returned after an exciting week at the Starwood Festival and thought that I would share some thoughts with you from that event before I continue with the Healing with the Angels Oracle deck. From the moment we arrived, I was almost without a signal. In addition, the Wi-Fi that I paid for was not working. I spoke to several attendees and vendors alike who were having the same problems. These two factors made it impossible to continue to post the Tarot of the Day. Initially this was a source of irritation and continued to be a challenge throughout the event. But the Universe works in mysterious ways and it was not such a bad thing to be Force-ibly unplugged from our electronic devices and immersed in Nature and community. In fact, it was most certainly a blessing!

Each person I encountered was happily tolerating their challenges and speaking words of love, gratitude, and growth as they related their experiences of the week. Workshops were enlightening and challenged the edges of alternative thinking and worship in a brilliant way. Oberon Zellner Ravenheart, founder of the Church of All Worlds, Headmaster of the Grey School of Wizardry, and father of the Pagan movement in America was in attendance, offering wisdom on Quantum Consciousness and other topics of science and magick. National artists, musicians, merchants, and presenters abounded, offering multiple opportunities for knowledge, joyfulness, and retail therapy to all. We vended there as well, of course, as well as bringing members of our local sacred community with us to share in this experience. It was a whole village of consciousness and  interconnectivity, the ‘Thing’ that intentional community can provide to the attendees and the facilitators alike.

I personally attended a beautiful Wicca ritual at midnight in the Stone Circle and was privileged to participate in an intense ritual called The Sacred Hunt that is put on by the folks from Circle Sanctuary in Wisconsin. This rite is a two hour journey into transformative magick, the details of which are highly guarded to retain the mystery of the magick to only those who take on the challenge of the Hunt. I was blessed to be Priestess to one of our own, Tim Holladay, as he underwent this sacred journey of transformation. For two days up to the ritual, I was awed as I watched him prepare, doing the work that many might have been daunted by, to ready himself on the night of the ceremony, and as I worked to support him in that journey, was filled with love and pride as he underwent the change. He wore it like a mantle, forever changed by the process and I was reflective of what an honor and show of trust it was that he chose me to be his Priestess and to witness this act of True Magick. 

The event culminated in the largest bonfire that I have ever seen in my 30 years of gathering in community. The facilitators of Starwood Festival, and an army of volunteers, spent all day on Friday and Saturday preparing for a phenomenal evening of fire twirling, choreographed music-driven fire performances, interactive movie screen, fireworks, drumming and dancing, and 


WOW!!!! You could feel the heat from quite a distance; if you got too close to it, the ‘burn’ would start to grow on your skin. Those who worked to manage it wore water tanks on their backs and fed water into the bottom of the fire to ensure that the tower of wood collapsed inward as it burned. And it reached the heavens, almost drowning out the stars themselves with its powerful light!

As the tower began to collapse inward, embers would rise up into the sky, creating a natural sparkler effect over the fire. You could see them mingle with the smoke as it rose also, curling lovingly around its fiery counterpart. I took many photos which will be available on the FB page later today but I will share one with you as part of this post. This is a pic of the fire with embers rising into the night sky. If you look closely at the black space at the top of the flames, you will notice an angel. She stands regally within the flames, one wing outstretched and the other folded across her breast. I immediately thought of you, my community, and how these angels have been speaking to us all, but especially to me as I walk my path at this time. And I thought, “Blessings from the Divine, angels and spirit guides are out there and they are real”! Which I already knew but it is nice when Spirit sends you a sign of its presence.  Never discount them or the impact that working with these beings of light can have in walking your inner truth and growing to enlightenment and ascension. You will be blessed if, with faith and intent, you allow their energies to work with you for your highest good.

Today, may you know that the angels are with you always. All you have to do is look!

*Check back tomorrow for the continuation of the Healing with the Angels Oracle deck.