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Today’s Healing with the Angels oracle card is Soulmate. As human beings, we typically seek that one great love in our lives, the soulmate that will love us like no other. As you align your path with that of Divine love, this call may be stronger lately than ever before. Aligning our outer life with our inner truth, we sometimes find that we desire a relationship with someone that appreciates us as the perfectly imperfect creatures that we are and also share our philosophies on life and love. This causes us to examine our love relationships and to ask the question,

“Can you have great passion and spiritual companionship with the same person?”

When this card appears, the answer from the angels, spirit guides, ascended masters, and Gods/Goddesses is a resounding “YES”! Follow their lead when it comes to following your heart and you can’t go wrong.

The angels have heard your prayers for a great love and they will guide you to manifest this desire in your life. If you are seeking a new mate, trust that the Universe will guide you toward someone that shares your passion and your spiritual views. If you are already in a relationship, they will help you elevate it to a soulmate level, or gently end it so that your new love can appear in your life. Either way, let go of the worry surrounding this part of your life and trust that the Divine will assist you and point you in the right direction.

Today, may the prayers for a your soulmate be answered in a clear and worry-free way.