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Six of Water

Six of Water

Today’s card is the Six of Water (Cups), Also known as Memories. In the Shapeshifter Tarot, as in other traditional decks, the Element of Water represents the emotions and matters of the heart, love in all its forms, friendship and compassion, gentle healing, and all matters concerning blood, the circulatory system, and menstrual flow. Water also represents bodies of water, all underwater creatures and amphibious creatures, ships and travel by sea, beaches, seashells, and seaweed. It comes sometimes in waves and storms, crashing into us with force and overwhelming us if we let it. It is also where the Moon resides, whose power affects the tidal flow of the Earth itself.

The keywords for this card are Reunion, Memories and Past Lives. In the peaceful blue waters of the ocean bay on this card, a pod of whales swims and blows, singing the joys of life and the sea. The initiate in this scene has become one with them, shapeshifting with the whale energies as he sings along with them. Taking the step to unite with whale energy is a serious undertaking; merging with them means acknowledging our past lives and seeing all the strengths and weaknesses that we have carried with us into this present incarnation. The whale is symbolic of long life, connection with family, psychic and telepathic abilities and the use of sound in magick. The initiate is ready to reconnect with his past companions in new, more positive relationships. He has learned from his past mistakes and no longer has a need to explore these ‘past lives’; reasons no longer matter and he is content to enjoy this moment. The herons gracefully gliding above them represent reincarnation and the regeneration of life. this symbolism is repeated on the beach in the foreground, represented by the ‘Sands of Time’, and the bones here signify past lives.

Only memories are coming to the surface at this time whether you want them to or not. Don’t dwell on the mistakes of the past; seek one good thing that you learned or experienced during this time in your life and then MOVE ON! Old friends or acquaintances can re-enter your life as well right now; if the reunion is wanted, then take the time to truly enjoy the memories and feelings that you had during that time in your life. However, if this reunion is undesirable, then take this opportunity to make a permanent break from this person. Dreams and visions may also be encouraging you to explore past lives right now. Seek answers to your current dilemmas in the signs and symbols found in your dreams. Separate illusion from reality or you may fall victim to the same old patterns that caused you to walk away from this situation in the first place.

May you discover that seeking past lives opens the doors to old knowledge and hidden psychic talents!