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Six of Swords

Six of Swords

Today’s card is the Six of Swords, also known as the Lord of Science. Swords represent the Element of Air which rules over the mind and intellect, logic, wisdom, knowledge, and Magick. It also rules over all forms of communication, including spell casting and divination in all its forms. Air also rules over astrology as this system uses mathematics and alphabetical symbols to gain knowledge of the planets and how their movements affect us here on Earth. This Element also controls our intuition, insight, psychic ability, and third sight. It enables us to see what cannot be seen by normal means.

Today’s card talks to us about the power of the written word. While speaking your intentions out loud is all well and good, often we go back on our word to ourselves if not to others. Basically, we don’t always do what we say even though we may have the best of intentions. I find that writing things down not only helps me keep track but also holds me accountable to myself. And honestly, without a good list once in a while, I would never get anything done!

When performing Magick of any kind, writing down your intentions is one of the many tools that can be used to lend energy to your work. Once upon a time, people learned and used Magickal alphabets/scripts for this purpose. They can, and do, lend a certain extra power to a spell but are not necessarily convenient in the modern world. Your native language will work quite well and flow naturally so as to capture as much intent as possible. In the case of invoking (bringing in) something new to your life, it is best to do this during a new moon. You can look up the moon phase online if you are not sure. When banishing (getting rid of) something, the waning moon is the best time for this. Below, I have offered a small spell that you can try on your own with a piece of paper, a pen, a candle, and a lighter. Remember to do both halves of this spell; nature abhors a vacuum and will fill the empty space with something this is not necessarily of your choosing if you leave it empty. Also, do not do any magickal work during the 3 days when the moon is in its dark phase.

Just after the moon is full, write what you are getting rid of (habit, stress, bad luck) on a piece of paper, then read them aloud to the Spirits or Gods that you worship under the moonlit sky. When this is finished, burn the paper to ash, allowing them to blow away with the wind. Wait 14 days, or until the new moon appears in the sky. As the new moon is rising in the sky, write your ideas for new and exciting things to enter your life on a piece of paper, then take it out into the moonlight and read it aloud. Repeat this process each night until the moon is full, then burn the paper in the same manner as before. This will release any energies that you have stored in the paper to the Universe and speed it along the way. If you live in an apartment or can’t get out, you can also do this spell by visualizing the moon as you read your words aloud, then burn the paper and snuff it out with water, sending the ashy water down the drain when you are finished. By the time of the next new moon, you should begin to see signs that your spell is working.

May you have much success in communicating your desires and intentions to the Universe today!