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Six of Swords

Six of Swords

Today’s card is the Six of Swords. In the Shapeshifter Tarot, the suit of Swords represents Fire instead of Air as would be common in a more traditional Tarot Deck. Fire is the Element of Spirit; all matters of creativity and passion are under this rule as are the cards of this suit. The heading here is Passage and this card represents Evolution, Intuition, Communication and Travel to Other Places.

Pictured on this card is a woman who has completed her ‘shift’; she is merged with a silver dragon spiraling with the elements of the night sky. As a winged dragon of a by-gone era, she is a symbol of transcendence, ascending to the heights of her spirituality. She breathes forth Fire (the life force) which transforms into lightning shooting out into the distance. The three mounds of earth underneath her represent the three polarities of energy: positive neutral, and negative. The powerful lynx uses the downed oak branches as a bridge to leap over a bubbling stream is a symbol of the Goddess, allowing us to bridge the gap between the worlds. This lynx is a keeper of ancient secrets and knowledge; the face of the Mother Goddess looks out upon this scene from the base of the tree.

This card can represent the use a representative to communicate any business dealings that are coming our way at this time. It also symbolizes the use of another to communicate feelings of the heart. This may manifest itself in the use of poetry (someone else’s work), movies or theatre, or song lyrics to share your feelings of love or infatuation. Some amount of travel may be indicated by this card; if you are in a romantic mood, maybe a long weekend away somewhere fairly local could throw some passion into your relationship, if business is taking over your journey right now, be prepared to take a trip to meet potential investors, etc… Things are moving swiftly as this time of year. A mysterious source of information is the key to linking you with personal evolution and growth. Use this time to cultivate your far-reaching, focused and intentional mind; this will allow you to integrate several levels of understanding at once into your psyche. When this happens, you will e able to communicate your ideas in a totally new way!

May you be blessed with a passion for creativity and communication with the Divine today! Happy New Year!!!