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Six of Earth

Six of Earth

Today’s. Card is the Six of Earth (Pentacles, Disks), also known as Charity. Just like a standard tarot deck, Earth represents the material aspect of everyday life. It rules over home and family, job and finances, physical health and stability, fertility and child-rearing, sports and outdoor activities, and the life cycles of birth, death, and rebirth.

The keywords for this card are Kindness, Justice, Sharing, and Generosity. Pictured here is a faun-man overlooking a rich valley from high atop a bridge-like boulder. This creature, being half man and half goat (Think Pan!), is seen as a magickal being that rules over fertility and foresight; those who predict the future can call on him for support and guidance. He also blesses the fields in spring and the harvest in the fall. The stone on which he stands has many faces depicted there; it is also cut with channel markings. Below, a large white hound with red eyes sits guard over the faun-man, watching over him as he surveys the scene. Akin to the Hounds of Norn, this hound is part of the Wild Hunt. These hounds, known as Cwn Annwn (Hounds of the Mother) are said to accompany Otherworld riders as they charge out on stormy nights, often at mid-winter. The tearing winds, the sound of the Otherworldly riders and their hounds would cause earthly dogs to howl and yelp in unison to their astral kin. This hound waits quietly for his master in the shade of a grove of white poplar trees. The poplar, associated with wind, fertility, wisdom, and the Gray Lady (Crone), and was used by ancient shield makers who believed that the Goddess of wisdom guards us in life and removes our shield in death.

The tradition of the Wild Hunt has also been practiced in the Celtic region for thousands of years; on the night before May Day, they would light the Bale Fires and, at dawn, hunters would go forth to hunt for boar and venison. The one that brought home the largest kill, or the one who suffers the most harrowing battle with his prey, would then be named King of the May. In ancient times, this won him the right to mate with the High Priestess of the clan, thus ensuring fertile fields, enough meat for all, and the propagation of the human species.

Charity is a card of heartfelt generosity and of sharing your wealth, however large or small, with those you love and care for. Gifts in the form of time, as in volunteer work, is indicated when this card is present in a reading along with philanthropy and justice. There will be productive results in regards to any endeavor that may be coming to a head at this time. Allow yourself to move toward your calling in work as well as play, spirituality, and personal relationships. Learn to balance your personal goals with your earthly desires; be yourself and give to others from this place of freedom. A card of attainment, accomplishment, and productivity, Charity stresses the importance of organization and timing. Make an effort to be in alignment with your innermost truth and manifest as a result of motivation from within, from your place of divine inspiration.

May you find that you are surrounded by friends and family to receive your generosity today!